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To the Editor:

If you can read this, you are fortunate enough to be literate. Think of how reading improves and enhances your life. Reading informs you, entertains you, relaxes you into sleep, inspires you or gives you wisdom or solace. Now imagine a life where you could not read well enough to do those activities. There are many people in Sheboygan County who need our help to reach this basic literacy.

The need for literacy tutors is great. If you can spare 2–3 hours per week, you can make an impact that gives another a lasting gift. The only requirement is a high school diploma and a willingness to share your time with another. Tutors are matched with students in the same areas of the county with the same time availability, and are supported with training and resources.

Among the many unsung heroes of our community, we would like to recognize the Literacy Council tutors of Sheboygan County, past and present. Whether it’s helping an adult learn the skills necessary to obtain a GED, pass a driver’s test, read a tape measure, read the newspaper or go online, read to a child, speak to a child’s teacher, or read an instruction manual, these tutors work to help another person improve their lives through better reading, writing, and speaking. This work takes place in libraries and other public meeting places around the county, and for that we must also thank the libraries, churches, and places like Generations in Plymouth for opening their doors to this venture.

For more information, please contact Carol Dussault, Direct Services Coordinator for the Literacy Council, at 920-892- 6706 .

Thank you,
Carol Dussault and Carol
Myers, Co-Coordinators of the
Literacy Council of Sheboygan

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