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To the Editor:

We are writing to publicly acknowledge our heartfelt gratitude to all of the staff at Rocky Knoll Health Care Center. Bill was a resident and patient there for two and a half years up until his recent passing, and over that time we have come to see the Rocky Knoll staff as our extended family. The tenderness and compassion they showed Bill and our family was extraordinary. They did so much more than take care of Bill’s physical needs. They provided emotional support and a listening ear whenever it was needed. They constantly asked, “Do you need anything? … Is there anything we can do for you?” And when Bill did pass, they cried with us. They are invaluable, unsung heroes in our community, and for the Paese family personally they have been a true blessing.

We might add that the state had a team visiting Rocky Knoll in the days just before Bill’s passing. The team was there to “grade” the care center for purposes of re-accreditation.

To all the staff at Rocky Knoll, please know that in the eyes of the Paese family, you deserve an A+. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Family of Bill Paese

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