An active Easter with the two-legged, four-legged and wild game

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

We won’t have to worry about finding rotten Easter eggs around the house in the middle of summer this year.

That’s because we took the easy way out and used plastic eggs for the grandsons to hunt for – and, thanks to the weather, we had the Easter egg hunt outside.

So the only danger might be that an unfound egg might melt in the summer sun – but then again, it never gets that warm around here.

We had the entire family over for Easter dinner, which included some wild game – and no, it wasn’t rabbit stew.

It was a combined Easter dinner/birthday party, as Aiden’s birthday came just two days later.

That led to a huge conundrum for Aiden,.

He couldn’t decide which one to do first – Easter egg hunt, birthday cake or birthday presents – and which one to do next and then after that.

Fortunately for his sanity and well-being, we decided it for him – Easter egg hunt, birthday presents and then birthday cake, with the birthday items following Easter dinner, which didn’t even enter into his calculations.

The egg hunt came first because the eggs were already hidden around the yard – and that led to another conundrum for Aiden.

Since he and his parents arrived at the house first, ahead of his Uncle Ethan, Aunt Sharon and cousins Ty and Nolan, he got to walk through the yard to the house first and naturally saw several of the eggs in the yard.

He blamed it on his super eyes – which he tried to turn off but he couldn’t get the button to work – but it was probably more a matter of the Easter Bunny not hiding in any difficult locations.

That’s because somebody told the Easter Bunny we didn’t want to be mowing over eggs lost in the high grass in another month or two.

To keep Aiden from finding all the eggs first, Poppie took him for a walk around the block while we waited for the rest of the family showed up.

But when they did, there was no holding the three grandsons back as they scrambled around the year searching high and low for eggs.

They did manage to find all of them – and with only a little bit of help from the adults on the last few.

Poppie then got to fire up the grill to fix the main course for Easter dinner – rib-eye steaks and a venison tenderloin.

The venison was courtesy of the great white hunter, Alex, part of his haul from last fall, but it qualified as wild game.

After dinner, the boys were back outside – this time, with some company.

Gracie – who just celebrated her first birthday last week – wanted to be outside where all the fun was, so we obliged.

Actually, Ty volunteered to take her for a walk, although it might have been the other way around.

Ty decided to turn the dog into motive power, walking Gracie while seated on a toy riding tractor.

Gracie didn’t seem to mind too much, although she had to take several breaks along the way.

I’m not sure which was more tiring for her – pulling the tractor or pulling Ty. Probably a combination of the two.

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