Marriage Licenses

The following couples applied for a marriage license at the Sheboygan County Courthouse.

April 14 – Velyi Lor and Paul Yang, city of Sheboygan

April 21 – Lauren Drury and Trevor Koch, city of Sheboygan; Susan Krueger, village of Cedar Grove, and Bradley Bice, city of Cookeville

April 25 – Tiffany Gilipsky and Brady Ingelse, city of Sheboygan; Cindall Kaulaity and Christopher Justus, city of Sheboygan; Kandis Pucel and Rnald Ball, city of Sheboygan; Sarah Londo and Vladimir Timofeev, town of Plymouth

April 26 – Rachael Edwards and Jesse Montemayor, town of Holland

May 1 – Sheila Hoffmann and Jonathan Voskuil, village of Cedar Grove

May 3 – Jessica Fields and Steven Zaddack, city of Sheboygan; Kelly Fairchild and Brian Zick, city of Sheboygan; Doreen Stutleen and Robert Parnow, city of Sheboygan; Nicole Streblow and Timothy Ostermann, city of Sheboygan

May 10 – Jamie Wals and Jesse Schneider, city of Plymouth; Dondi Shirk, city of Sheboygan, and Michael Walker, city of Milwaukee; Rebecca Perman, town of Plymouth, and Tyler Morrison, city of Plymouth

May 16 – Leslie Falk and Kim Zimmerman, city of Sheboygan; Ashley Coppersmith, city of Plymouth, and Brandon O’Donnell, city of Antioch

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