Cold comfort

To the Editor:

I’m not sure but I think winter is trying to end, so I would like to thank the parents of Plymouth who took the time to bring their children to the Plymouth Ski Hill (Nutt Hill). It was great to see everyone again.

Thank you to the parents who took the time to volunteer their time (Tom Teteak, Paulette Ruminski and Terri Hollister). The guys who stopped in to help move snow makers, thank you. Thank you, Zack Strege, for working on the hill and running snow making. Thank you Forest Bignell for volunteering to help with the snow making when it was really cold. Thanks Ken Hellmann for backing the guys making snow - it was cold when you were making snow.

Thank you Suzzie Young, Abby Harvey, Luke Hojnacki, Emmitt Feldner, Chris Gilson, Julia Feldner and Hugh Hollister for doing a great job of working at the hill and ice shack.

Thank you to the Plymouth DPW city guys who help keep us running the ice shack by plowing the ice, working on the hill and building new shelves for all the skates donated to the ice shack. Thank you to all the people who read the ad in The Review and donated their skates, pucks and hockey sticks. You made a lot of people very happy.

We had over 1,600 people at the ice shack this year - even in the cold – with a lot of pick up hockey games on the weekend. Thank you to the Park Board and the City Council for your backing and support.

Terry Hartle-Feldner

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