To the Editor:

I’d like to commend the administration and staff of Fairview Elementary School for sponsoring VIP (Very Important Person) Day on April 16. Although I’m anything but a VIP, I was honored that my greatgranddaughter Kaylee Gerken thought otherwise and invited me to her 5-year-old kindergarten classroom for the program, which proved to be an enlightening experience.

Prior to her teacher Sherri Ingersoll summoning her students to the room from their recess, the invited guests gathered in the classroom. I initiated a discussion among guests, regarding the fact that many school districts nationwide are no longer teaching cursive (longhand writing).

I had read an article about a grandmother who took two of her grandkids, who had not learned cursive, to Washington, D.C. recently. One of them asked his grandma to read a proclamation to him, as it was written in cursive, and he had not learned that skill in school.

It was interesting to note that a couple very young grandparents could understand that due to the digital age in which we live, cursive is not really all that important. However, a couple of us more seasoned seniors feel otherwise. As a former teacher, I certainly understand the constraints placed upon teachers these days, with not enough hours to meet all the demands placed upon them. Cursive is not a kindergarten class anyway, but this subject was on my mind, so I brought it up.

I really hope that students will have the opportunity to take a cursive class in summer school or through community education, in districts which no longer teach this skill.

Meanwhile, the charming, innocent kindergarteners arrived in the classroom. Sherri explained to us how kindergarten classrooms have changed since the many years since those us guests had been in kindergarten.

Her students read proficiently from their weekly readers. It was truly amazing to observe their skilled abilities, since we guests had not learned to read until first grade.

Sherri also had them demonstrate various playtime activities and showed a program about eagles and their young, via a smart board. I found the interaction between the students posing their questions to Sherri to be a lesson in itself, as I was amazed by the intelligence of her kindergarten students.

So, thank you Fairview, and thank you, Kaylee! This day was definitely one I won’t forget.

Sue Mroz,, Random Lake

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