To the Editor:

In 2011, Governor Walker and legislative Republicans passed a biennial budget that cut public education funding the most it has ever been cut in state history. In many districts, those cuts led to staff layoffs, and consequently larger class sizes, program cuts, and fewer educational resources.

In 2013, the budget that passed the still Republicancontrolled houses was not a pro-public education budget either. Instead it was a boon to private schools in the form of an expanded voucher program and tax credits to people who send their child/ren to private schools, which are not required to meet any learning, teaching, or accountability standards as public schools must.

In spite of the fact that the Wisconsin Constitution mandates that the state provide and fund public schools for its children, it is clear that having excellent public schools—which Wisconsin has consistently had for generations—is not a priority for the Walker administration.

Having excellent public schools is a priority for Senate District #9 candidate Martha Laning. She worries that the drastic cuts are already affecting the quality of students’ education and that they will continue to erode achievement over time. And since a well-educated citizenry is the key to economic progress, Laning worries that Wisconsin will continue to lag further and further behind our neighbors in economic competitiveness. She also believes that the taxpayers of Wisconsin should not be funding two educational systems—a public one and a private one.

Reinvesting in public education is a priority for Martha Laning. When she is elected, she will work to ensure that the school funding formula for public education aid is fair and equitable and that it provides districts with the support they need to give our children an excellent 21st-century education.

Lei Lund
Elkhart Lake

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