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HE HEARD US. John McGivern was in Plymouth last week to tape segments for his Milwaukee Public Television program, “Around the Corner with John McGivern.”

It was last January, when the MPTV series aired a season three episode spotlighting Sheboygan Falls and Kohler, that The Review in an editorial urged McGivern “to head west down State 23 to Plymouth.”

McGivern admitted during a break in taping that he had read the “plea” - as he called it – from The Review to focus on the Hub City for an episode of the show.

Plymouth will be featured in one of the first episodes of the program next January,with a special community preview show shortly before that at a time and place to be announced.

If you don’t know the show, native Milwaukeean McGivern takes a look at the well-known and the offbeat in a given community for half an hour – although the taping takes a week or more.

A comedian, comedy writer and actor, McGivern brings sparkle and charm to the show and to every place he visits. His love for Wisconsin and its people, its communities and its way of life shines through in every episode.

Needless to say, Around the Corner found a lot to focus on in their visit to Plymouth.

There were the things we are well known, such as Sargento Cheese, Road America, the Old Wade House historic site, the Camo Quilt project and our two dozen Walldog murals.

But there was plenty of lesser-known people and places that got the McGivern treatment – the things that really do make Plymouth unique and one-of-akind. That included making maple syrup at Drewry Farms in February, checking out vintage lingerie at Allechant, finding Schwaller’s Meats tucked in an alleyway between two residential streets, learning to make a latte at the Exchange Bank Coffeehouse and more.

They didn’t get to everything we suggested back in February, like Antoinette the Cow, a City Park summer concert, the Broughton Sheboygan County Marsh observation tower, and much more – but it just proves our point from January that Plymouth is a great place that will make a great show.

“We want to show … what you would find, who works there, what would you see there,” when they visit a community, McGivern explained.

“We try to find stuff that locals go to and that other people would look at when they go there. As members of the community, people should be able to say after they’ve watched the show, I’ve lived here 30 years and I never knew that,” added co-creator and producer/ director Lois Maurer.

We’re looking forward to seeing the final product, John McGivern – and thanks for answering our plea.

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McGivern heard our plea

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