Dear Editor,

Recent mailings from our Republican legislators and TV campaign ads from our governor suggest that they have done responsible budgeting the past four years.

Statements about a Deficit to Surplus brought about by responsible budgeting are false! The surplus is based on disinvestments in the future of our kids, of workers, families, and our communities.

In the previous budget, over $2 Billion was cut from preK- 12, UW, and Technical College funding.

The pattern of cutting local government aids while imposing inflexible levy limits cannot continue without municipalities being forced to cut key services. The severe cuts reduced spending and slowed our economic recovery.

Republicans assume a future $750 million budget deficit will be erased by a Wisconsin economic recovery that has been slow. A record $70 billion state budget for 2013-2015 authorizes an additional $2.05 billion in borrowing. As a result the 2013-15 budge, debt service will climb even higher…claiming 5.26% of general fund dollars in 2014 and 4.88% in 2015 when the state’s historical debt level target has been 4%.

General fund dollars are funding transportation! The budget shifts (fund-raiding?) $213.7 million from the general fund and $44.5 million from the petroleum inspection fund to pay for transportation needs. It also pays for the debt service on $200 million in transportation borrowing.

My legislators voted to increase the amount of state borrowing and long-term debt. Martha Laning, with an undergrad Accounting Degree and an MBA in finance, is running for the 9th Senate District seat and wants to balance the state’s budget the right way…by working with both parties to find the best solutions.

All should look at the rest of the story regarding the comments about responsible budgeting. Find out about Martha Laning’s responsible budgeting plans. Make an informed vote in November on this issue.

John Binder

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