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The 6th District of Wisconsin primary congressional race on August 12th will make two things distinctively clear in Sheboygan County. One, Glenn Grothman is a proven leader with an unwavering commitment to protecting and promoting our conservative principles. We can depend on him to get the job done in Congress.

Two, Joe Leibham is just not conservative enough. He is too soft on hard issues, rarely takes the lead on anything, and dangerously compromises our conservative principles. The stakes are too high to send him to Washington and we cannot depend on him.

Grothman has consistently taken the lead on key issues that impact our lives and our children. For example, he was a leader in ending government databases on our children and worked hard to end federal government involvement in education. Grothman lead the way and authored the Private School Tuition Tax Credit and was a strong supporter of homeschooling and school choice. Furthermore, he diligently worked hard to protect our privacy on social media and prohibit cell phone tracking without a search warrant.

Grothman’s record of getting things done at the State Legislature is impressive. In the past three years, Governor Walker has signed sixty legislative bills authored by Grothman and eight of his budget amendments have been adopted by the State Legislature.

As I speak to people in the Sheboygan area, it is evident that Leibham does not have the support of Sheboygan County all to himself. As local as he is, not everyone believes he is the best candidate for congress. Most have caught on to his style of doing just enough to be likeable and get elected, but not doing enough to get the job done right for our best interests.

My family and I support Glenn Grothman for Congress. I respectfully ask that my friends and supporters join us in voting on August 12th for Glenn Grothman.

Juan Perez

Readers Comments

Tea Party candidate Grothman
Submitted by on Thu, 2014-05-29 05:10.
Tea Party candidate Grothman represents a segment of the Republican Party characterized by this writer. Tea Party supporters use the "fear of not being conservative enough" to judge Republican party members. I view Leibham as an extremist in support of many partisan legislative bills passed during these past 4 years. He did not represent all of his constituents and is not a good candidate for Congress. You will not find much difference between Leibham's and Grothman's voting record. But Grothman is even more extreme as demonstrated by some of the "dumb" things he has said. Dumb things said or done by Senator Glen Grothman… He sponsored legislation that repealed the state's Equal Pay Enforcement Act and has said that women don't need equal pay because money is more important to men. Grothman has said that the demise of the family can be laid at the doorstep of women. "There's been a huge change over the last 30 years and a lot of that change has been the choice of women…we should educate women that this is a mistake." Further, Grothman advises that "the Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock because they are far more likely to be dependent on the government." Fought for a seven-day work week. Proposed a bill that would have considered single parenthood "a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect." Argued that public employees should have to work on Martin Luther King Day. He said Kwanzaa is a fake holiday that "almost no black people today care about"…Governor Walker even commented that Grothman's choice to release a contentious statement on Kwanzaa "just doesn't make any sense" and suggested he shift his focus back to politics. He restricted voting in large cities because they often increase early voting hours while small towns can’t, as they do not have enough workers to open on the weekends for early voting and Grothman said this about giving voters more of a chance to vote…“We can have some of these ones that are completely out of control, doing maybe 80 hours a week, we can rein them in.” He has said that Planned Parenthood is "the most racist organization” in the nation and has a tradition of "not liking people who are not white." Has said that unwanted pregnancies are the fault of the mothers, and that many mothers lie about the circumstances of their pregnancies. "I think a lot of women are adopting the single motherhood lifestyle because the government creates a situation in which it is almost preferred.” AND ON AND ON…THIS GUY IS GOING TO RUN FOR CONGRESS!!!??? WE ALREADY HAVE RON JOHNSON…DO WE NEED ANOTHER ONE!!!??? A movement (Tea Party) that draws its power from creating fear within its own party has to sustain that fear if it's going to sustain its influence. Recent primary's in other states have Tea Party candidates losing against "establishment" Republicans. It is predicted that the Tea Party's numbers in Congress are going to be much diminished. Voters should make sure that Grothman is part of those numbers!
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