To the Editor:

I am writing hurriedly to catch as many as possible who know some military veteran who also is an American Legion member who has just received their AMERICAN LEGION magazine of the current, June 2014 issue. If anybody wishes to read an informative digest of “two perspectives on PRESIDENCY”; one must beg, borrow or steal the issue and absorb the articles, pages 20 through 32. These respective articles are written by Jonathan Hurley and opposing, (praising) William Howell.

I personally have no idea who these men are (contrary from many contributors to “editors letters”), who sometimes write with authority! But I feel these contrary viewpoints are complete and truthful and handy in just one sitting of reading.Of course, I paid more close attention to the initial article by Jonathan Hurley because I am more concerned about our freedom.

But I invite you to exercise your inalienable right as an American, to be as well informed as you can be. I truly believe we don’t have to tolerate all these lies and ineffectiveness being displayed this past week. Please, when the time comes, vote smart!

Bill Heberlein

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