Alliant sets cleaner energy example

Joe Leibham • 9th Senatorial District

As a resident, rate payer and State Senator, I enjoyed attending a recent groundbreaking ceremony for an air quality improvement project at the Alliant Energy plant in Sheboygan. The company is investing $300 million to add a dry scrubber and baghouse system to Edgewater Unit 5 to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 90%.

Alliant’s efforts and investment are important for our area and the state of Wisconsin as a whole. This project will provide cleaner air for our community, create jobs and have a significant economic impact during construction. I am pleased to report that Alliant believes that between 150 and 200 Wisconsin construction tradesmen will be employed during the construction phase of this project, which will span the next three years.

It is also important to recognize the fact that Alliant decided to make this investment ahead of President Barack Obama’s recent decision to unnecessarily crack down on coal powered energy facilities. The company decided, on its own, to make these improvements because it is simply good business to update facilities, improve efficiency for rate payers and protect the environment in which we all live.

This is not the only investment the company is making locally. Alliant Energy recently completed installation of a $136 million selective catalytic reduction system at Edgewater Unit 5 to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in 2012.

Coal power plants are an important part of our overall energy portfolio. While some in power, like President Obama, would like to regulate them and the jobs they employ out of existence, it is good to know that many, including Alliant right here in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, are proactively making the necessary investments to ensure they are being respectful to our environment and to rate payers while offering employment to hundreds of families right here in our area.

Thanks Alliant for your efforts!

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