Ty was caught in-between when it came to wheeled mobility

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

Our grandson Ty didn’t have any wheels to ride when he spent some time at our house last week – and he had his father to blame.

That’s because a week earlier Ethan decided we needed to clean out our garage and volunteered to spearhead the effort – with a vengeance.

Over the years, as stuff from other people’s households found their way into ours – mainly, our garage and our attic – it became more than a little crowded out there.

It’s so bad, we’ve had several different vehicles that have never gotten to see the inside of our garage because there was no room for them.

It never bothered us – or them – but when Ethan decided he wanted to store his motorcycle in our garage only to find there was no room for it, he swung into action.

He and I spent most of a Saturday hauling all manner of junk out of the garage and carting it off in his truck to various repositories.

I quickly lost track of how many trips we made to various dumps, salvage yards and resale shops with all the stuff.

Ethan picked a Saturday when his mother was working so we could discard without fear of being overridden by a higher authority – and his being in charge gave me someone to blame it all on.

Among the things that went were several old bicycles that Terry had salvaged from other people’s trash over the years, which didn’t really bother her or I when they went away.

The problem was when Ty came over about a week later and found that there were no bicycles left in the garage – only riding toys that were more age-appropriate for his little brother.

Nolan, of course, was just fine with it – and was soon off riding up and down the block on the pedal tractor.

It left Ty looking wistfully at our mopeds – which, thanks to Ethan, we now had room for in the garage.

He’s not quite big enough to take off on one of them just yet, but that’s not too many years off – too many for him, but not enough for his grandparents.

We’ll just have to work hard making sure that we keep the garage clean enough that we can keep the mopeds safely in there until he’s ready to start riding one of them.

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