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To the Editor:

It has been obvious to almost every Republican over the last decade that Tom Petri has been poorly representing the 6th district.

The last two times Petri was up for election, I as well as several others hounded Joe Leibham to run. Unfortunately Joe believes in the unspoken rule of the two-party system, that you can never run against a sitting incumbent, no matter how bad. The good ole boys club in other words.

It was Senator Glenn Grothman, not Leibham or any of the other candidates, who challenged the established Republican hierarchy.

That tells much about the character of the candidates. While Glenn saw the need for change and did something, Leibham only got in the race after Petri announced his retirement.

That string of events mirrors the lawmaking process in Madison where Senator Glenn Grothman was promoting our Republican principles while Senator Leibham was in the background testing the political waters before he would get on board the difficult issues.

When Leibham and Grothman made the rounds on the radio talk shows, anyone would hear that there was a striking difference between the two candidates.

As usual, Grothman got out there with a list of tough issues based upon the Republican principles that the people of the sixth district are concerned with.

Leibham, on the other hand, used every minute of his time promoting his personality and how it was his duty to enter the race.

I see that as a sign of a congressman who will be easily manipulated by the experts in Washington.

That first week in D.C. will be filled with special interests and lobbyists; its obvious who the schmoozer is and who the one is that will represent his constituents.

It is Grothman with solid Republican principles and a focus on the core problems facing this nation who is ready to join in the needed revolution that must take place in Washington before it is too late.

Dan Jones

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Dumb things said or done by
Submitted by on Tue, 2014-06-17 07:58.
Dumb things said or done by Senator Glen Grothman… He sponsored legislation that repealed the state's Equal Pay Enforcement Act and has said that women don't need equal pay because money is more important to men. Grothman has said that the demise of the family can be laid at the doorstep of women. "There's been a huge change over the last 30 years and a lot of that change has been the choice of women…we should educate women that this is a mistake." Further, Grothman advises that "the Left and the social welfare establishment want children born out of wedlock because they are far more likely to be dependent on the government." Fought for a seven-day work week. Proposed a bill that would have considered single parenthood "a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect." Argued that public employees should have to work on Martin Luther King Day. He said Kwanzaa is a fake holiday that "almost no black people today care about"…Governor Walker even commented that Grothman's choice to release a contentious statement on Kwanzaa "just doesn't make any sense" and suggested he shift his focus back to politics. He restricted voting in large cities because they often increase early voting hours while small towns can’t, as they do not have enough workers to open on the weekends for early voting and Grothman said this about giving voters more of a chance to vote…“We can have some of these ones that are completely out of control, doing maybe 80 hours a week, we can rein them in.” He has said that Planned Parenthood is "the most racist organization” in the nation and has a tradition of "not liking people who are not white." Has said that unwanted pregnancies are the fault of the mothers, and that many mothers lie about the circumstances of their pregnancies. "I think a lot of women are adopting the single motherhood lifestyle because the government creates a situation in which it is almost preferred.” AND ON AND ON…THIS GUY IS GOING TO RUN FOR CONGRESS!!!??? WE ALREADY HAVE RON JOHNSON…DO WE NEED ANOTHER ONE!!!??? BUT REALLY…WE HAVE THREE POOR CHOICES ON THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY BALLOT… Leibham and Grothman are career politicians who along with Stroebel walked in step with Walker’s extreme polices and voted for flawed legislation that has divided Wisconsin. They are ideologues who do not collaborate or find compromises that can solve problems…instead they did not represent ALL of their constituents and contributed to the deep polarization and divisiveness. Congress is held in low regard by most citizens because of the extreme partisanship that has caused the same kind of divisiveness we have in Wisconsin. Why would we want to send any one of these guys to Washington and continue the “same ole, same ole!?” They are not like Congressman Petri…a moderate who tried to work with both sides of the aisle to deal with the real issues facing this country? The Democrat Mark Harris and Libertarian Douglas “Gus” Fahrendorf also should be considered to see, if elected, would work to change how Congress functions. If Leibham, Grothman, and Sroebel end up being the only Republican primary candidates, it will be a race to the conservative extremist bottom in the 6th Congressional District. With the way the district's party has been voting on things like no-confidence votes for good Republican legislators like Kestell and Schultz and consideration of succession from the United States, one has to wonder what independent voters and Republican casual voters think…they tended to vote for the moderate Republican. Maybe the Democratic candidate in the November election will be the only choice for them!?
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