To the Editor:

An outstanding citizen in the Plymouth Community was recently brought to my attention by his supervisors. His name is Fred Brown. As an Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program instructor at Generations: an Intergenerational Center, Brown has made an immeasurable impact on his class participants. He teaches low impact classes to seniors that help to increase their strength, balance, and range of motion.

He not only teaches classes, but does so with passion and enthusiasm that cannot be denied. A few of his classmates describe the impact Fred has had on their lives:

“I was shoveling around my car when I slipped on my butt I turned around and pushed myself up from the snow bank, so I would say my upper strength helped me get up from my situation. I was able to overcome the mishap. So it helps to go to arthritis class.”-Jean

“Fred is an incredible individual listening and guiding us. He motivates us to better health. Fred not only teaches exercises but nutrition and good eating habits- long term life time changes rather than short term goals. I have leg and back problems but this arthritis class has helped my balance mobility and my health has a great improvement. Fred set an excellent example for individuals who want to make or improve their lifestyle. Thank you.”-Anonymous

“I started this Arthritis class about 2 months ago and I have said from the beginning how professional Fred is with his class before I knew he was a professional in this field. Although I do not have arthritis but I have neuropathy in my foot which is very painful when I stand and walk, but in this class I can sit and get the benefits of the exercise, which I need.”-Charlotte E

Fred is truly an inspiration. As an Arthritis Foundation representative, I would like to say that without instructors like Fred this programming would not be possible.

Anne Hahn
Health Promotion Coordinator

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