Just call them our three little pizza-makers - and lovers

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

We appear to have not one, not two but three little future pizza makers on our hands.

For Father’s Day, though, they were just little pizza makers – as in makers of little pizzas.

It probably has something to do with the fact that if you asked Ty, Nolan and Aiden to list their 10 favorite foods, pizza would probably be numbers 1 through 9 – and number 11 with a bullet.

It was the culmination of a long weekend when Ethan and Alex decided to spend a few days helping us clean some stuff out of the house.

After two dozen years in a place, a lot of stuff can accumulate – especially when you have your late father-in-law’s stuff dumped on you as well as some of your brother- and sister-in-law’s when they downsize.

Sometimes, it takes an emotionally unattached and independent set of eyes to winnow out the garbage from the stuff, which our two sons were able to provide.

I was able to miss the worst of it, being at work Friday, but that just meant I got detailed hauling garbage bags off to the curb – more than I wanted to count.

Fortunately, I also wasn’t there when the garbageman picked up all those bags – otherwise I might have learned some language that would be far from appropriate for this space.

The wrecking – make that cleaning – crew did take a break for lunch but, with the three grandsons there as well, the choice was foregone – pizza.

Terry did get a break from it when she went out for dinner Saturday night with an old friend from high school who was in town for the weekend, but when it came time to decide where to go for Father’s Day Sunday – well, you can probably guess what carried the day, and with only one guess.

To be fair, I did suggest a pizza place nearby which is under new ownership – a former colleague and her husband.

I’ve been meaning to get there and try it out, so I figured this would be as good an opportunity as any – and I knew the cuisine would make our three grandsons happy.

Actually, my former colleague’s husband is from Mexico, so there is a selection of Mexican food as well as the pizza, so everybody could be satisfied.

We got there to find they had a special feature for kids – a do-ityourself pizza.

It was the perfect combination for the three of them – their favorite food plus a chance to play with it before they ate it.

They each got a small flour tortilla to make their pizza on, a dish of pizza sauce, a dish of cheese and their choice of up to three toppings.

For Nolan, cheese was all the topping he wanted.

Ty added ham to go with his cheese, while Aiden chose bacon and pepperoni – no veggie lover’s pizza in this group.

The three of them were soon spooning sauce on their pizza and sprinkling it with cheese and toppings – or just cheese, as the case may be.

Ty decided he didn’t need to put all of his toppings on his pizza, instead choosing to keep some leftover ham and mozzarella to eat as an appetizer – either that, or he decided to make a threecourse meal out of his pizza.

All three of them finished their masterpieces – with, amazingly, a minimal amount of spilling or other collateral damage – then sent them off to the kitchen to be baked to perfection.

Judging from the results when their DIY pizzas came back piping hot from the oven, the three of them must make a pretty mean pizza – there wasn’t a single crumb left by the time they got done.

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