It may be different styles, but we’ve all got our two wheels

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

The family that two-wheels together does something – deals, feels, heals, kneels, peels, reels, seals, steals, I don’t know – together.

I’m not sure if any of that is true, but we do seem to have a family of two-wheelers on our hands – although the style of twowheeling definitely varies from generation to generation.

Terry and I both have mopeds, which we use mainly to get back and forth to work and to bop around town – in good weather, of course.

There is something to be said for filling the tank and still getting change back from a $5 bill, for instance – and it’s not 1964.

And getting 90 to 100 miles per gallon is mighty attractive as well.

With a top speed of only 35 to 40 mph, it’s a sedate, dignified ride that fits both of us perfectly.

Our two sons, however, are much less sedate and genteel when it comes to two-wheeling.

Ethan has had a Suzuki motorcycle for a while that he’s just gotten back on the road again – another toy for the mechanic to play with – while his younger brother Alex just got himself a Harley.

They both go just a bit faster than our mopeds, of course, which is one of the attractions for the two of them.

They also lend themselves to longer trips – which Alex is intending to do when we head out to New York state this week for a family graduation party.

I’m not sure I’d want to ride 900-plus miles on a motorcycle, but then again I’m not as young and foolish – or flexible – as Alex.

But that doesn’t stop Terry and I from doing a little two-wheel adventuring of our own – on a lesser scale, but still an adventure.

For instance, this weekend we decided to go for a ride in the country on the mopeds.

We were originally heading for the next village north of us, but when we got to the intersection where we had to turn to go into town, we decided to keep going straight instead and headed for the marsh park to the north a few more miles.

Pretty adventurous, huh? We really like to live on the wild side, don’t we?

We rewarded ourselves for our cross-country trek by stopping at the bar for a beer and an order of onion rings – and only one beer each, so there was no danger of operating a moped while intoxicated.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated – sun, a few clouds and not a raindrop in sight or on our heads.

That’s good, because it’s kind of hard to ride a moped and hold onto an umbrella at the same time.

It does make me wonder what Alex is going to do if he runs into a rain front somewhere between here and New York – other than get soaked, that is.

As for the mad mopeders, the Sunday jaunt was not our first time cruising the countryside on two wheels.

We’ve cruised much of the countryside in these parts on the mopeds – sticking to back roads of course, not freeways or major highways where we might literally get blown away.

Terry doesn’t want to stop there, however.

Her dream is to take a day trip on the mopeds and go somewhere where we could spend a weekend on a getaway.

With the moped’s speed limitations, that does sort of limit the range of possibilities, but we may yet give it a try.

Of course, there is another generation of two-wheelers coming in the family – our grandson Ty is already an avid bicycle rider and Nolan and Aiden are probably not too far behind.

I don’t know what kind of gas mileage Ty gets on his two-wheeler or what his top speed is, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind taking a few cross-country adventures if the opportunity presented itself.

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