Night raid

To the Editor,

Imagine the police on the street pointing a spot light on your home in the pre-dawn hours. Then, in paramilitary fashion, these armed officers forced entry into your home and helped themselves to your personal computers and anything else that remotely satisfied the instructions on a search warrant issued by a district attorney and approved by a judge. Then imagine that your only offence was to practice your first amendment right of free speech in political opposition to those same officials.

That is exactly what happened to Eric O’Keefe because of his affiliation with Wisconsin Club for Growth and his attempt to share his conservative political beliefs with others.

When the prosecutors took Mr. O’Keefe and others to court, the charges were thrown out in state court by Judge Peterson and in federal court by Judge Randa. Any effort by the prosecutors to tie Governor Walker to some wrongdoing was thrown out as well.

There is not one shred of evidence that there was a crime committed even though the New York Times, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Democrat politicians, and many pundits and news outlets continue to report a “criminal scheme”on the part of Governor Walker and conservative groups.

It is my contention that prosecutors, John Chisholm, Bruce Landgraf, David Robles, and other conspirators be themselves prosecuted for armed entry into the homes of O’Keefe and others and be imprisoned accordingly.

The media that libelously slanders Governor Walker with the intent of influencing the political process and the upcoming election should also be prosecuted for their complicity in this attempt at character assassination.

Unless these actions are punished to the fullest extent of the law, our legal system will no longer be based upon a “Rule of Law”, but upon the whims of partisan law enforcement officials.

Dennis Gasper
Vice Chair Sheboygan County
Republican Party

Readers Comments

Once again I “gasp” at the
Submitted by on Fri, 2014-07-04 06:51.
Once again I “gasp” at the accusations in the writings of Dennis Gasper. Dennis comments that…” our legal system will no longer be based upon a “Rule of Law”, but upon the whims of partisan law enforcement officials.” He should be more concerned by rules of law not being upheld by partisan court officials like judge Randa! Dennis says…”There is not one shred of evidence that there was a crime committed.” This is an interesting “Freudian slip” statement when you consider that Randa wanted the possible evidence “shredded.” Other “rule of law” judges stopped him from doing that. Some of that “evidence” that was released raises serious questions about possible crimes. I also find it interesting that Randa has given more time to the parties involved to review more of the “evidence” to see if they want it released to the public!? Also…Republican Francis Schmitz, the special prosecutor appointed to lead the John Doe probe into Wisconsin's 2011 and 2012 recall elections, has rejected Gov. Scott Walker's contention that partisanship is behind the investigation. Democrat John Chisholm, the Milwaukee County DA, initiated the investigation before it expanded to four other southern Wisconsin counties. Along with Chisholm, the DAs in those counties…two Republicans and two Democrats…said they sought an independent prosecutor to avoid partisan concerns. Schmitz was appointed by a judge in the John Doe case. Finally…Walker’s contention that the legal issues are settled was branded "false" by PolitiFact Wisconsin, which truth-tests political claims. Judges’ rulings are being appealed and could be overturned. One indication that Walker and Republicans don't really consider the matter resolved is their reluctance to say whether they are still engaging in coordination…the activity that they contend is perfectly legal…but Wisconsin election laws says it is not!
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