City Finance committee weighs insurance options

by Steve Ottman Falls News Correspondent

City of Sheboygan Falls Finance Committee Chairman Randy Messner discussed future options for city employee’s highdeductible HSA health plan under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, at a meeting on Tuesday, July 1, at the Sheboygan Falls Memorial Library.

Messner gave two options, including a deductible plan of $1500/$3000 or $2500/$5000 with the employees having the option of how much they want to contribute to their HSA (Health Savings Account).

Messner noted that the consensus for the city was to go to deductible plan of $1500/$3000, which was determined to more feasible.

Educational employee meetings will be held to inform the employees of plan options and health risk assessment options.

City Clerk Joel Tauschek asked if everyone has to contribute the same amount. Messner replied that each employee could contribute what they want to their HSA.

Messner felt that the council should develop a 2-3 year implementation plan and compare historical costs.

Messner noted If the city could find a clinic to partner with plan costs could be kept down. Messner gave options like Aurora or Prevea as an example.

It is expected that the plan would go in effect in January of 2015.

City Services Committee Chair Cynthia Hartzheim asked Public Works Director Jerry Benzschawel to discuss options for the Cross Connection Inspection final notice, during a City Service Committee meeting.

Benzschawel explained that through the initial inspections performed by Hydro Designs there were low risk and high risk deficiencies found.

Low risks were considered to be single families and small businesses and high risks were the larger businesses. There were 329 large businesses inspected.

In the follow-up inspections the residents and businesses are given a chance to comply (15 days) to the deficiencies before receiving a second notice.

However, Benzschawel noted that if they don’t respond, a third and final notice is sent.

Benzschawel felt that if the customer complies, many of the high risks could be reclassified to low risks.

According to the city ordinance, the City Council must determine whether to turn off the water and discontinue service.

Benzschawel said that the city doesn’t want to get to the point of turning off the water.

Benzschawel also reported that city employee Clyde Born may retire by December 2014.

Born is a snow plow driver for the city. Benzschawel asked that the city look for a candidate to replace Born before his retirement.

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