Moioffer Park another jewel for Elkhart Lake

ONE IMPORTANT TASK JEANETTE MOIOFFER performed during her three decades of service to village government in Elkhart Lake was serving as a link between the citizens of the village and their government.

She did that extremely well, which makes the new park the village dedicated in her honor – Jeanette Moioffer Park – an appropriate recognition.

That’s because the new Jeanette Moioffer Park serves as a link between two of the village’s major parks – Lions Park and the June Vollrath Athletic Complex – and will help link residential neighborhoods on the village’s east side to the Vollrath complex.

The new park, which features a tree-lined paved walkway from Kettleview Court into the Vollrath athletic complex, was dedicated last week in a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Moioffer, surrounded by family, friends and officials from the village, the Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah Athletic Association and the school district, cut the ribbon opening the new park with the help of two of her grandsons and two of her great-nieces.

Village President Alan Rudnick and ELGAA President Matt Flora both praised the combined efforts of their groups and others that helped make the park a reality in a relatively short period of time. It was a case of public and private groups working together to do something positive for the public good.

“It was just so logical, why wouldn’t we do it,”

Flora said of the concerted effort to make the park a reality.

In that way, it also makes a fitting tribute to Moioffer, who dedicated herself during her long years of service to the village to making sure that everyone, no matter what their interests, worked together for the common good of everyone in the village that she loved and served.

Her spirit of selfless dedication and service to this picturesque village will live on in the park that bears her name.

As she served to bring everyone in the village together to move forward, Moioffer Park will serve to help bring everyone in the village together in the pursuit and enjoyment of athletic endeavor and enjoyment of nature in the midst of the village.

As she helped to link different groups and residents together in common bonds, Moioffer Park will help to bring residents together to enjoy the many pleasures offered by both Lions Park and the June Vollrath Athletic Complex.

One of the many attributes of Elkhart Lake is its parks and recreational facilities, and Jeanette Moioffer Park is a fitting and proper addition to that list.

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Jeanette Moioffer Park
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Fitting and worthy tribute

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