Fireworks and dogs among issues addressed by Waldo Village Board

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

WALDO —Fireworks, dogs at large and painting stripes on the tennis courts were some of the issues the Waldo Village Board addressed Tuesday.

Trustee Scott Wolfert told the board of unsafe fireworks set off within the village. Some of them landed on the roofs of people who were not home. Others landed in a wooded area. One person fired them off from the village road. “He didn’t want to wreck his property, so he did them from the road, instead,” Wolfert said. “The road was smoking when he got done,” Wolfert said.

Wolfert said he discussed the issue with the Sheriff’s department, who suggested that the village have an ordinance in place regulating fireworks. The village could then issue or deny permits for fireworks displays.

“They’re illegal in the state of Wisconsin, right?” asked Trustee Mike Hintze.

President Dan Schneider said, “If we come out with an ordinance and say, ‘It’s illegal to shoot off fireworks,’ I guess I’d say it’s already illegal to shoot off fireworks, so I don’t believe an ordinance is going to get us where we want to go.”

Schneider said he could request Captain Cory Roeseler of the Sheriff’s Department to talk to the people involved.

Dogs at large

More than one audience member said there were dogs running loose and defecating on village or private property.

Schneider said it was important to identify the dogs and their owners, if possible. That was the first step in finding a solution. He said, “If you see the dogs, and you can figure out whose they are, as a good neighbor, you can have that discussion.”

If that is not possible, Schnei- der said, a good description of the dog was needed, when it is reported to the village. Generalities do no good, Schneider said.

Other village business

The village “mislocated” a burial site in the cemetery, according to Schneider. He said, “To make it right with the wishes of the family, we had to exhume the body and move it. They paid for it, but I don’t believe they should pay for our mistake.” It is the board’s intent that the family be reimbursed for the moving of the body, once the board finds what that cost was.

While reviewing the village’s financial reports, Schneider commented, “We need to control our expenses to the best of our ability for the rest of the year. We always do, but anything we can minimize, the better off we’ll be.”

Clerk Michelle Brecht said the village would need an additional poll worker for the August 12 primary election, and the November 4 general election. The board approved Brecht’s request to authorize payment for refresher education courses for the poll workers.

Asked when lines would be painted on the tennis courts, Schneider said the village would not spend thousands of dollars doing that. Given that the courts are not used for organized college matches, he did not think it needed to be sealed. “We’re not going to spend ten thousand dollars, five thousand, or three thousand to do it,” he said. “It makes no sense. What we need to do is simply get the lines back on.”

Hintze said the village owns a machine that can apply the lines.

“If the rec department doesn’t have a plan to have it done by July 30, I’ll handle it,” Schneider said.

Operator license renewed: Jeremy Wimmler.

Law enforcement report for Waldo for June: Six warnings, zero arrests or traffic accidents investigated, and nine property checks.

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