There are plenty of helping hands when times get tough

Jim Baumgart  Sheboygan County Supervisor

A helping hand! Most of us have needed some help at one time or another. Sometime it’s from a friend, family member, church, government agency, police or firefighter, hospital or maybe just a push out of a snowbank by an unknown stranger.

Wisely, as we have become a more urban and highly-populated society, larger systems have been put into place to help us for a time until we can get things back in order.

We have in place such things as Unemployment Insurance which can bring upwards of 26 weeks of financial support if employment slows down, a company moves and/or we lose a job.

If we are injured on the job, Workmen’s Compensation Insurance will help provide funds for the individual and his/her family while healing or until a person might qualify for permanent disability support.

But when things happen quickly and you are unprepared, where do you go for help?

If a home or apartment is damaged by a storm, fire or flood, the Red Cross and local emergency teams are available; they can help find a temporary place to stay until other long-term housing can be found.

Situations happen; a person or family can lose everything - personal clothing, furniture and/ or food. The Salvation Army or Saint Vincent De Paul Society may be able to come to the rescue as can a local food pantry in the short term.

Your own Sheboygan County Health and Human Services Department is the County’s comprehensive health and human services planning and delivery agency which is organized under Chapter 46 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

It provides information and assistance to person facing economic crisis, health risk, challenges to child, family and community wellness, life changes associated with aging, and other needs.

For those, the Sheboygan County Health and Human Services Department is a key support unit and an important contact player for persons in need. Thetelephone number is (920) 459-6400.

Temporary service groups, such as Salvation Army, Red Cross, St. Vincent De Paul, and other service groups mentioned above know that number as well as others who may be of help.

The Volunteer Center of Sheboygan County published a 2014 Volunteer Catalog listing many organizations that provide helpful information or even direct help.

Let me mention a few that are listed: Aging & Disability Resource Center of Sheboygan County; (920) 467-4100; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sheboygan County, (920) 458-0111; Boys & Girls Clubs of Sheboygan County, (920) 467-9733; Habitat for Humanity Lakeside, (290) 458-3399; Hispanic - American Information Center, (920) 459-2780; Meals On Wheels of Sheboygan County, (920) 451-7011; Mental Health America, (920) 458-3951; Rainbow Kids (A support group for kids and adults who are grieving a loss due to death, divorce or other reasons), (920) 452-2838; RCS Empowers (Help empower individuals with disabilities and special needs so they may work, live and function within the community), (920) 458-8261; Safe Harbor of Sheboygan County (Domestic abuse program), (920 452-8611; The Salvation Army - Sheboygan, (920) 694-1274; Sheboygan County Food Bank, (920) 946-9880; Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization (They work to bridge the gap between community needs and resources), (920) 457-7272; and the United Way of Sheboygan County (They financially support many non-profit community services groups, (920) 458-3425.

These are just some of the Sheboygan County organizations listed that are in place to provide help when help is needed.

When a serious and immediate situation takes place and you and/ or your family just don’t know where to turn, you can always call your local law enforcement office or Sheboygan County Health and Human Service Department.

They will begin the process of finding help. While most people can help themselves when an emergency arises, there are times when people cannot.

We are a community. Together we can and do make a difference. In part, it is what makes us Americans.

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