Riverview celebrates Mud Fest

Students at Riverview Middle School in Plymouth participated in a cooperative team-building event during the third annual Mud Fest.

The event, held June 4 and 5 at the school, features students working together to complete challenges using problem solving, cooperative games and team building.

Events included:

· Giant Water Slide: Students run and slide on their bellies down cardboard hills.

· Midnight Maze: Students army crawl through a maze made with caution tape.

· Sac Race: Students race with a partner to reach the finish line while each has a foot inside a sack.

· Don’t Burst the Bubble: Students toss a water balloon back and forth as many times as possible, moving back with each toss.

· Elephant March: Wearing a pantyhose “trunk,” students walk a straight line and swing their heads to knock over eight water bottles.

· Bucket Brigade: Working in teams, students take turns carrying a hole-filled bucket of water over their head.

· Musical Wash: Students pass a bucket of water around the circle until the music stops, then the one holding the bucket must dump it on themselves to keep playing or dump it on a teammate and leave the game.

· Human Ring Toss: Teams pass a hoop around a circle, then one member tries to toss it around human targets.

· Sponge BOB, Wet Pants: Students lay on the ground in a row and pass a sponge down the line using only their feet.

· Slime Water Weave: Students carry a cup of slime water on their heads while skipping through a maze.

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