Farmer’s Market survey vital to its future success

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. That’s the mantra of the real estate industry, and it’s also the question on the minds of those who run the Plymouth Farmer’s Market.

The weekly market, sponsored by the Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization, currently takes place on Thursday afternoons, from 12 noon to 5:30 p.m. at the Generations center, 1500 Douglas Dr.

The market moved to Generations from City Park several years ago in search of more space and to avoid competition with the Thursday night concerts in City Park.

While the market has enjoyed success at its new location, there has been agitation to move the market to a location in downtown Plymouth.

Some feel that would provide a more visible location for the vendors, drawing more foot traffic and more customers than at Generations, which is located some distance from the central business district.

The Plymouth Arts Center has offered to host the market on its north lawn and now SCIO officials continue to weigh their options – which also include utilizing space in the parking lot at the Plymouth Plaza shopping center, near McDonald’s, Plymouth Furniture and the St. Vincent de Paul store.

To help in their decision making, the SCIO is seeking input from the public. A public opinion survey form on the farmer’s market will be published in The Review over the next several weeks.

The form will ask a number of questions, from whether you would support a farmer’s market in Plymouth to where and when it should be held.

Date and time are important considerations for the market as well. While a weekend market would be the ideal to draw the largest number of customers, a Saturday market would compete with already-established farmer’s markets in Elkhart Lake and Sheboygan, which would greatly inhibit the number of available vendors for Plymouth and impact the market’s viability.

But the key question remains location.

As the survey explains, “The market does not want to be in a small area with no room to move, and the vendor’s vehicles parked two blocks away. The vendors need their vehicles near them in case of bad weather (and) to also keep some of their products out of the sun and for wind protection.”

All of that is important in determining what would be the optimal location for the market.

Just as the market needs the greatest support possible to thrive, the survey needs the greatest response possible to truly reflect the best possible answers, so everyone is urged to take a few moments to complete the survey and return it either to the Farmer’s Market at Generations or to the SCIO at P.O. Box 73, Sheboygan 53082.

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