Time to make World’s Cheese Capital official

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT PLYMOUTH is the World’s Cheese Capital, right?

Apparently, not the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Although Plymouth has been calling itself the Cheese Capital of the World since the late 19th Century and the early days of what eventually became the Cheese Exchange.

The slogan was used on billboards and advertisements for Plymouth throughout the 20th Century, was the central theme of the city’s bicentennial celebration in 1977, and lives on today in such uses as the Plymouth Arts Center’s Cheese Capital Jazz Crawl and local radio station WJUB telling listeners they are broadcasting from “the Cheese Capital of the World,” to name a few.

So imagine the shock Jim Sartori – of Plymouth Sartori Foods – felt when dining out in northeastern Wisconsin recently. Out of curiosity, he asked his waitress where the cheese on his dish came from and she replied, “The World’s Cheese Capital.” Only it wasn’t from Plymouth, it was from a cheese company in Denmark, Wis.

That spurred a little research by Sartori and his friend and fellow local cheese company executive Lee Gentine, which quickly showed that the phrase had never been trademarked for Plymouth.

Indeed, the phrase “World’s Cheese Capital” has been registered as a trademark by a Green Bay company, Language Links LLC, although the company apparently does not use the phrase at present.

Led by Gentine and Sartori, an effort is underway to register some variant of the phrase for the city of Plymouth.

The idea is that “Plymouth, Wisconsin – Cheese Capital of the World” or something similar would be trademarked to the city and the city would be able to license its use by local groups and businesses – at no cost – for promotional purposes.

We already do well promoting ourselves as a Mural Destination, highlighting the two dozen Walldogs murals that grace downtown and drawing many visitors to our area.

There are other great attractions as well, from resorts to golf courses to racetracks to historical sites to natural beauty, that draw visitors.

The next logical step would be to promote our major industry – cheese – with products known and renowned throughout the country and world-wide.

Making sure that Plymouth stays the Cheese Capital of the World – officially as well as unofficially - is a great idea that can’t come too soon.

Cheese has always been a major component of the Hub City’s identity and promoting it should require no thought.

All in all, it’s a capital idea.

At issue:
World’s Cheese Capital
Bottom line:
Keep it Plymouth

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