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THEIR FIRST PROJECT WAS up in the air, now they want to get down to earth. The Friends of the Broughton Sheboygan Marsh are ready to start pushing forward with their next big project at the Broughton Sheboygan County Marsh Park – an environmentally-friendly multi-purpose educational and meeting facility.

This is the same group that took up the challenge and successfully built the state’s tallest wooden observation tower at the marsh.

The 80-foot tower is now a popular attraction at the park, even hosting proposals and weddings as well as providing a spectacular view of the marsh and surrounding area in all their natural splendor.

The Friends are turning to their partner in that project, Steve Schmitt and Schmitt and Sons Construction, to raise more than $600,000 in order to build the new facility.

The Friends have roughly $50,000 in seed money for the project and hope to plant that seed and grow a new building soon.

The goal is to break ground next spring and open the doors on the new building by the end of the year.

That’s an ambitious goal, but the Friends have soared in the past and, with the same support they received from individuals, businesses, corporations and foundations for the tower, they can succeed again.

The new building will be a marvelous addition to the marsh park.

For starters, it will be a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building, thanks to the generous help of LEED experts from the Kohler Co. - a fitting status in a park that celebrates nature and the environment.

For campers, there will be a dedicated area for showers and toilets – something that’s desperately needed for the many people who utilize the park throughout the camping season.

The main feature of the building will be an

800-plus square-foot multi-purpose room with an attached kitchen.

The multi-purpose room is designed with tremendous flexibility and amenities that will make it usable for classes, lectures, meetings, parties and many other events.

It will be a boon to Camp Y-Koda’s educational mission at the marsh, which is currently confined to a donated trailer that is not usable in winter weather.

Y-Koda will be able to offer the up-close, hands-on teaching on the many facets of the marsh park that is has provided to schools and the general public in a greatly enhanced fashion and at more times. That will help ensure the mission of the marsh, to preserve nature and enhance its appreciation, will be filled even more.

Display areas will be available in both the multi-purpose room and the central entry area of the building, which will also enhance the educational mission of the marsh.

All in all, the new multi-purpose educational and meeting building will be a great addition to the marsh and a worthy next project for the Friends group.

All that’s needed is for the people and businesses of Sheboygan County and the surrounding area to step up and lend their support.

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Friends need support

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