4-H’ers put talents to use earning ribbons at County Fair


If you can’t find what you want in the store, just make it yourself.

That’s what Jenny Schwartz, 16, did when she wanted a pair of white tennis shoes with a design on it and her creation has won her fifirst merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair.

The daughter of Eugene and Kathy, Greenbush, has been a member of the Spring Valley 4-H Club for 11 years. Her winning tennis shoes were entered in the Cultural Arts category and her project comes under Creative Design/ white tennis shoes.

“I drew a pattern and then I got some fabric markers,” said Schwartz. “I was glad I found them because I could draw just like writing on paper. There was no need to do anything special, just draw and leave them to set. I found that the ink doesn’t bleed or disappear.

“I did the piping in grey and drew grew triangles, lines and dots on the shoes,” said Schwartz. “I tried to get them the same one each side.

KERNEN JARR KERNEN JARR “Everything is not exactly the same, but I think that makes them more interesting,” said Schwartz.

“This is the fifirst time drawing on something,” said Schwartz. “The fact that it turned out this good was a surprise because I’m not very good at drawing on paper.

“It took me about two hours total,” said Schwartz. “One hour for each shoe.

“I do like how they turned out and I am excited to wear them,” said Schwartz.

“The judge really liked them,” said Schwartz. “She saw this on Pinterest and liked them there.

“I might make more,” said Schwartz, “and try to do more designs.”


MADISON O’BRIEN MADISON O’BRIEN It’s not a self portrait, but it appears like it is - surprise. Kernen Jarr, 10, took a picture of her twin sister, Connelly, and that photograph has won her a merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair. The daughter of Aron and Sarah, Plymouth, is a second-year member of the County MMounties 4-H Club and this is her first merit award. She entered photogrphotography and her 8x10 portrait, which is mounted on yellow scrapbook papepaper, has won her first merit award. “I have a NikonNi camera,” said Jarr. “It’s a point and shoot, but I can change the settsettings to portrait or landscape. I used the portrait setting for this one.

“I took pprobably ten to twelve pictures and this one was the best. This is jujust how it happened,” said Jarr. “I knew I wanted to enter a photo and it turned out that the portrait setting was better. “I learned that you don’t have to have a portrait of a person in the middle,” said Jarr. “The person can be on either side.”

Jarr’s sister was standing and her hair is flowing backwards. The details of her face are very clear and there’s a very distinct smile with shiny teeth. Her eyes and her eyebrows are very clear and becoming to her. “I felt that I captured my sister in her personality,” ssaid Jarr. “I do take a lot of pictures and I like doing it. TThe judge liked the eyes. He liked the crispness and simple background and he liked how she was standing and that she wasn’t in the center. “My Mom will probably frame it,” said Jarr. “I just really like how she was smiling and how her hair was and her outfit was nice and simple. “My sister takes pictures too,” said Jarr. “She actually took a picture of me as one of her projects and did very well.”


A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. And Madison O’Brien, 15, took that saying literally and kept clicking the camera and caught a scene that looks authentic from the Civil War.

Her patience and perfect positioning brought this phototo to life and has won her a merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair.

The daughter of Chris and Erin, Sheboygan, is a memberber of the Hardphoto Hardworking Hands 4-H Club and this black and white, 8x10 photo of a Civil War re-enactment has won her a second merit award.

The photo catches your eye because of the exquisite tree that frames the activity of three soldiers that have just discharged a cannon.

The smoke is visible from the discharge and the otherr soldiers in the background are somewhat hidden but still obvious to be seen. The photo has a 3D look to it.

“I kept shooting while the firing occurred,” said O’Brien.. “I took pictures pic- of the troops from different positions and this one was one of the best.

“I learned that it takes a lot of photos to get one good one sometimes,” said O’Brien. “I took this in color but I changed it to black and white. I liked the effect on how the smoke was in black and white. It was more visible and the detail of the leaves on the tree was better.

“I used a Nikon D3000. The camera is basically a point and shoot,” said O’Brien. “It has settings but I use automatic.

“I was really surprised to get a merit award,” said O’Brien. “I didn’t think my photos were the best quality, and I had two up for a merit award and this one got it. I was really happy and surprised.”

The photo is mounted on black card stock and is titled, “The Calm Before the Dawn.”

“The judge really liked it,” said O’Brien. “He liked it because it was black and white and said some colored photos look better as black and white. He said it seemed to be a calm photo, but still part of the battle.”

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