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To the Editor,

Devin LeMahieu, the Republican Party candidate for the senate seat of Joe Leibham, is a strong proponent of public schools. He will focus on the rights of students to a better education; not reinstate those unworkable and unaffordable collective bargaining privileges. Don’t let Democrats like Martha Laning misinform you on this subject.

Indeed, the current system of public education is totally controlled by Democrats like Laning. As their ideology slowly but surely took over education, our educational outcomes have slowly but surely deteriorated to the point where colleges have to provide remedial courses before many students are able to take on the challenges of an advanced degree. This same philosophy has permeated the court system and imposed itself into the classroom in a manner that defies all common sense and impedes educational progress. Democrat controlled colleges have programmed a generation of teachers to accept the existing floundering system. They are unwilling to attempt improvements and bar any attempt by others to upset that status quo.

It is Republicans like LeMahieu who are proposing ideas that circumvent the inflexible establishment that runs our struggling schools. They are willing to collaborate with cooperative teachers and administrators to incorporate new and old practices and throw out the nonsense. That means giving school choice a chance, encouraging merit pay, initiating rigorous Wisconsin standards, and nurturing any promising program.

In the name of supporting public education, Laning and the Democrats will make no attempt at reform and will inevitably produce another generation of lost educational opportunity to the detriment of our children and our country. The Republican candidate, Devin LeMahieu, will challenge the entrenched bureaucracy and mindset. That is the only way that we will get needed improvements to the dysfunction in the public schools caused by Laning Democrats.

Dennis Gasper
Vice president
Sheboygan County Republican Party

Readers Comments

Once again Dennis Gasper
Submitted by on Tue, 2014-09-09 07:16.
Once again Dennis Gasper purports comments that should make all informed citizens "gasp" at his accusations. I would challenge Dennis and Devin to give us a list of the "dysfunctional" public schools in the 9th Senate District!? All voters should hold our governor and legislators accountable for the demonization of teachers and the attacks on our public schools that include funding cuts and the unaffordable funding of another school system. Our history shows that it was the public schools that gave America mobility across social classes… providing some truth to the “myth” that we are a classless society. History shows it was the public schools that changed our immigrants into patriotic Americans. History shows it was the public schools that gave Americans the skills and opportunities to develop the kinds of knowledge that founding fathers had noted is first among the necessary conditions for a democracy to function. History shows it is the public schools that serve most of our nations’ special education students, hoping to give them productive lives, and giving their parents some relief from a tougher parenting role. History shows it is the public schools that primarily serve the English language learners who, in another generation, will constitute a large part of the work force that we depend upon. Today it is the public schools that try to serve America’s neediest children and their families along with providing a larger proportion of American students with a world-class education in our wealthier neighborhoods. No matter what you feel about private schools…for the foreseeable future the vast numbers of our students will be in our public schools. So for both practical and patriotic reasons, all citizens need to support our nations’ greatest invention, our public school! The biggest challenge for America is to make our inner city schools better. About 25% of America’s youth live in poverty, and in other wealthy nations, like Finland, that rate is under 5 percent. The U.S. now leads the industrialized world in income inequality and it makes education very difficult in schools that serve our poorest children. Our housing patterns lock these students into school settings that result in poor students going to school with students from the same socio-economic class and wealthy students going to school mostly with like students. That gives us both wonderful public schools, but it also gives us public schools that are very hard in which to teach and learn. If we changed many of the social and economic policies that are not now helping to lift achievement in schools that serve the poor, we could probably do with a lot fewer tests, and less performance pay systems, and less shaming and firing of teachers based on student test scores, less quick and dirty certification of teachers, and less demonizing of educators. The best support we can give to our public schools and to educators is a society that gives the parents of the children they teach, jobs that pay fair living wages along with providing basic benefits. So, I would ask all citizens…support your public schools and appreciate the kind of help from folks like Martha Laning who has a history of helping with projects that support our public schools. Support our public schools with adequate funding that is not diminished by tax support of unaccountable religious and private schools. More importantly we need to support programs that will develop the kind of community that supports public schools that have the kinds of kids where all have the opportunity to succeed. Healthy kids who come from healthy communities will not only make them successful and our public schools effective…but we will also remain one of the preeminent nations of the world. Support a candidate like Martha Laning who has truly demonstrated her support of public education.
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