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by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

CASCADE —“At the fire department’s last monthly meeting, they made a decision to build a new brat stand,” Village President David Jaeckels told the Village Board at its meeting on Tuesday evening.

Jaeckels explained that the village had discussed with the Cascade Fire Department replacing the brat stand at Cascade Memorial Park. Jaeckels offered, on behalf of the village, to share costs by having the village pay for roofing materials for a new brat stand and for replacement of the park garage.

“As I hope some people have noticed, it’s already in progress,” Jaeckels said. “The old brat stand is gone, and the concrete is poured for a new foundation for the new one. A lot of volunteer hours have been spent down there already.”

Trustee Jason Harrison had looked into mats for use under the swings at the park. Mats would prevent the ground from being gouged out by children’s feet and later filling up with water. The mats that Harrison considered most suitable would also provide a softer landing spot, if a child fell on one. The mats would be left in place year-round.

Jaeckels asked if a decision on mats could be tabled until spring. The board agreed.

Josh Harrison gave the board an update on a Frisbee golf course he designed at the park, for his Eagle Scout project. He’d first described the project to the board in May. At that time, he had just started raising funds to pay for the course. Since then, he’s succeeded in finding sponsors for all nine holes on the course, “plus extra,” he said.

“The community really stepped up with donations,” Josh’s father, Trustee Jason Harrison, added. “I think it’s a big thing to say for a little village like this.”

Josh Harrison also described some of the equipment that had been installed. The course should be ready next spring.

“I think it’s going to be quite the asset to the park when it’s done,” said Jaeckels. “It’s going to be fun.”

Other board members offered compliments, and Josh Harrison was applauded for his efforts.

Other village news

Trustee Craig DeSmid has been investigating costs of replacing the village hall’s lights and roof. He gave the board quotes from two businesses for the lights, one of which the board unanimously approved. The board had approved a business for the roofing at the August meeting. A set of shingle samples was on display for the board’s examination.

Jaeckels will check that the truck and plow recently purchased by the village is properly insured. It was decided to sell the village’s old truck on Wisconsin Surplus, an online auction. Trustee Steve Green was tasked with doing that. Trustee Gerald Hendrickson suggested getting it on the auction site as soon as possible, while other municipalities might be looking for a truck in preparation for winter.

Most board members were not aware that the village had an old landfill. Jaeckels said it had been closed in 1993 and last inspected in 1994. The DNR recently informed him that they want to inspect it. To perform the inspection, some tree cutting and grass mowing must be done on the property. Jaeckels said the DNR has now requested the former landfill be inspected each year, from now on.

During the public comments, Levi Harrison announced that he was present at the village board meeting to meet a requirement for a scouting merit badge. Jaeckels welcomed him.

In August, there were three building permits issued, and no operator or liquor licenses requested.

Trick or Treating for the village will be Sunday, Oct. 26, from 2 to 5 p.m. Residents who would like children to stop at their homes are asked to have their porch lights on.

Howard Bunkert asked if he could address the board, but he was not on the agenda, so Jaeckels explained that the board could not respond or make any decision based on anything Bunkert had to say. Bunkert decided not to comment, and to get on the agenda for a future meeting. Jaeckels used this exchange as a teachable moment for the two Harrison boys, explaining to them that anyone wanting to bring business to the board must contact the village president (Jaeckels), or the town clerk (Kayla Brown), to be put on the agenda for the next monthly meeting.

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