4-H’ers put talents to use earning ribbons at County Fair


Noah Raunio, age 16, not only enjoys making food entrees, but he has all the obvious talents of being a fine chef someday.

It’s not only in the taste of the food, but the presentation,tion, and that is what helped him win his first merit award at the Sheboygangan County Fair.

The son of Dan and Anne, Random Lake, doesn’t knoww how long he’s been in 4-H but “it’s been a long time” and he’s a memberber of the Sherman Sher-

Workers 4-H Club.

His winning entrée is in the category International Entrée and the project is Orange chicken with veggies and rice.

“It’s an Asian type of meal,” said Raunio. “We found the recipe for it on the internet.

“I made this because it tastes amazing!” said Raunio.o. “I have made this before.

“To make it is a long process,” said Raunio. “You haveve to defrost the chicken, cut it into one inch pieces, dip the pieces in cornstarch and eggs and fry in olive oil.

“It takes approximately one and a half hours to get thehe chickfrom chicken pieces done,” said Raunio. “You use all of the meat from the chicken, not only the breast, but all of it.

“When the chicken is totally cooked through you make the sauce,” said Raunio. “The sauce is a mixture of sugar, ketchup, apple cider, vinegar, soy sauce and garlic powder,” said Raunio. “Combine the sauce and the chicken and cook in the ovenen for thirty minutes or until the middle is bubbling. You shouldd use a glass 9 by 13 inch pan, uncovered.

“Then you make the rice,” said Raunio, “that’s the base on the plate. I used boiled veggies, mixed, with cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, corn and carrots.

“You can use the excess sauce, from the chicken, to pour over the chicken,” said Raunio, “and then I put fresh chives on the top for decoration.

“The judge said it was very appealing and made you want to eat it!” said Raunio.

“It makes about six servings with some leftovers,” said Raunio.

“I like making Asian food because I like the taste,” said Raunio. “I will make this again.

“I learned that you can make breading for chicken out of cornstarch and eggs,” said Raunio, “and it actually tastes like a mimic of orange chicken that you can get at a Panda Express, which is a Chinese restaurant.”


If you need something different for your wardrobe, stop looking in the stores. Just head to the fabric shop and the idea will unfold into that new item.

That’s what Elise Bleck, 12, has done, and her talent and idea has turned herhe project into a merit award winner at the Sheboygan County Fair.

TheTh daughter of Jeff and Lea Ann, Glenbeulah, is a fiveyear year member of the Spring Valley 4-H Club. She picked the categorycate of clothing and her project is a jacket. “This fabric is called Babyville,” said Bleck. “It’s lightweight, w easier to sew than some other fabrics and is waterproof. te

“The jacket has double stitching on the sleeves and hem,h the belt and the collar,” said Bleck.

The double stitching makes the jacket very clean and smooth looking with a special finished look.

The material is crisp and neat in a bright pink with small white polka dots.

The closures are large snaps, but Bleck has put large buttons on the snaps to make the entire look even more finished and complete.

“I never did this pattern before,” said Bleck. “I got the idea because I wanted to do something different and my Mom actually suggested doing a rain coat so that’s what I did.”

“I just like to make my own things and know that I am the only person to have this. There were other colors in this fabric, but this one isn’t too busy like some of the other ones,”one said Bleck. “I also liked the pink and polka dots.

“I learned how to sew on a different fabric,” said Bleck.Ble “This is the first time to sew with this.

“This fabric is actually not hard to cut, because it doesn’t fray.fray But I did have to worry about pinholes,” said Bleck. “The pins will leave very big holes so you have to be careful pinningpinnin on the pattern pieces. I learned that along the way.

“ThThe judge really liked how I used a different fabric,” said Bleck. “She liked how I did the hem and the belt to give it a finished look.

“She said she had no suggestions for me because I am a great sewer,” said Bleck, “and this was the first time, for me, to do sleeves and side/ slit pockets.”

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