Cheese continues to be good to Plymouth

AS LONG AS PEOPLE keep buying and eating cheese, it’s good news for Plymouth.

There was more of the good cheese news last week as the Plan Commission approved a site plan for a new 220,000-square foot cheese storage facility for Oshkosh Cold Storage.

The cold storage plant will be built on the southwest corner of County PP and Willow Road in the city’s southeast industrial plant, where it will join several other cheese-related industry buildings, including a GTS cold storage facility and Sartori Foods’ main plant.

That a new cold storage facility is needed in Plymouth – with room to expand to double the initial size – is just another indicator that Plymouth truly is the World’s Cheese Capital and that the cheese industry continues to be strong and growing.

With so many fine companies here turning out world-renowned and widely-loved cheeses – Sargento, Sartori, Masters Gallery, Dairy Farmers of America, Great Lakes Cheese – there should be no doubt that Plymouth wears the cheese crown, with or without a trademark or copyright.

On one front – jobs and employment - the new Oshkosh Cold Storage facility will not have a huge impact. There will be just four to six employees to start with, company officials said. It apparently takes a lot less people to watch cheese age and make sure it matures properly than it does to make, process and package cheese.

But there are other impacts from Oshkosh Cold

Storage – and GTS before them – that are positive for the city and its economy.

Both cold storage facilities are located in the city’s southeast industrial park, which is part of one of the city’s tax incremental finance districts.

TIFs are set up to finance infrastructure and other improvements in an area by diverting the property tax revenues from new or enhanced buildings within the district to pay off the cost of building the infrastructure and other improvements in the district.

Any new development within the TIF creates a larger revenue stream,. That in turn can be used either to finance further improvements that will attract more new business, industry and other development in the district, or to accelerate the repayment of debt incurred by the TIF.

The more new development there is within the TIF, the faster its debts can be paid off and the quicker the TIF can be dissolved.

When that happens, the increased property tax revenues can help ease the property tax burden for the rest of the city, the school district and the county.

So, the more cheese we all eat, the better off we are here in Plymouth.

Keep eating that cheese, America – the Cheese Capital of the World says thank you.

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New Oshkosh Cold Storage facility
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Welcome to World’s Cheese Capital

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