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To the Editor:

As the furor over the implementation of Wisconsin’s Voter ID “law” continues, I thought it might be interesting to observe how the haphazard rush to implement our law would compare to what another state has done. As I did the comparison, the partisan nature of the process we are using became obvious. After all, what exactly is the rush?

The three-judge panel (all Republican appointees, by the way) ruled that the law may be implemented. Why not implement the law in the future when procedures are in place to ensure that everyone who wishes to legally vote is able to do so?

The upcoming election will always be questioned by the losing candidate and their supporters if we are not able to ensure, as best as possible, that no one was left out. Heaven forbid, there may even be lawsuits involved.

Alabama passed their voter ID law during the 2011 legislation year for implementation starting with elections in June 2014. In the meantime, they set up procedures and locations in every county, including mobile units that travel throughout the state to assist people obtain an ID. Public service announcements were made; county governments conducted outreach. Requirements were published in all forms of media. For almost three years they have informed, educated and assisted people obtain an ID. The result will be that no one should question whether their election process excluded anyone.

Alabama is about as “red” a state as there is in the union, consistently voting Republican for years. They seemed to have figured out that this voter ID process needs to be above reproach, transparent and honest, so that no one can question the final result.

Wouldn’t we want that to be the case in Wisconsin?

John O’Dell

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