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To the Editor:

Now that the campaigns have started, we will start to hear again about family values. But what are family values? The kind we always attribute to our fathers and members of the “Finest Generation”? The kind that come from nurturing and supporting a spouse, children, and community? The kind that shows you care about the members of society not as fortunate as you are or are no longer able to care for themselves?

Mark Harris believes in those family values and lives them every day as a quiet, unassuming, intelligent gentleman. He knows what it is like to have a family, with a wife and three sons for whom you are responsible. To take on problems and solve them, and not blame the nation’s problems on single parents and women.

Harris has a very good track record of doing this very thing as Winnebago County executive. He has reduced county spending by $6 million, cut the county debt by 30 percent, at the same time he was able to get the county to build a new nursing home and new engineering classrooms at University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley.

Mark Harris is able to accomplish all this because he has a very good background as a graduate of the University of Michigan. He has degrees in both finance and law and is also a CPA. He also worked as a trust officer and vice president of Associated Trust Co. for 10 years before he became the threeterm county executive.

Before you cast your vote in November, I urge you to become familiar with this very talented and caring man that we can all be proud to have represent us.

Carol Zoran
Sheboygan Falls

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Mark is a gem-honest,
Submitted by on Thu, 2014-10-02 01:11.
Mark is a gem-honest, respectful, smart, and caring!
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