To the Editor,

Prior to being on the Sheboygan County board of canvass, I always thought it was sad to see the low turn-out of elections.

After being on the board I am even more depressed.

Some wards had under 10% turn-out in our last election. In a midterm or spring election you might get 30-40% of registered voters to turn out, and in a presidential we might get around 50%. And that is of registered voters.

Depending on where you are only 60-70% of adults are registered voters.

With that being said, I am shouting out to all conservatives, you may not always vote because you are busy providing for your family, you might be out bow hunting, you might be waiting for the perfect 3rd. party candidate, or you may just be fed up. But in this election we need to get Glenn Grothman, Devin Lemaheiu, and Scott Walker elected.

If you find yourself too busy to go vote we could end up with Mary Burke as governor, who will undoubtedly continue over-regulating every small business, and raise taxes.

If you decide it is more important to sit in your tree stand, we will end up with a Congressman, Mark Harris, that will work lock step with Obama and any other democrat President.

He will surely vote to restrict gun rights, and make it harder for you to live a life without government intervention.

If you think the two-party system is corrupt and sit this election out, we will end up with Martha Lanning as our state senator. She will do everything in her power to create new fees, and taxes in order to spread the wealth and level the playing field.

Conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, outdoorsmen, self-employed people, freedom lovers, get out and vote!

Glenn Grothman is a true conservative, and best of all he is a real representative. He always takes time to listen, and actually cares about his constituents.

Devin Lemaheiu, has proved himself as a fiscal conservative; and he is in politics because it is in his heart, not because it’s a job like many other politicians.

And Scott Walker took the bull by the horns in his first term and got rid of our deficit, so give him a second term so he can take the next bull by the horns.

Dan Jones

Readers Comments

Writers have made the
Submitted by on Mon, 2014-10-13 21:41.
Writers have made the comparison that Devin LeMahieu will continue the strong tradition of representation and leadership Senators Grothman, Leibham, and Governor Walker have provided for this area and state. I think we have to take a more realistic look at what truly happened in Wisconsin these past four years and it is far from a strong tradition of representation and leadership . At first I was giving this writer’s letter some legitimacy when he started to describe Devin LeMahieu qualifications for the 9th Senate seat. I was interested in learning about LeMahieu’s life experiences, accomplishments, and views to see if he would be a worthy candidate. The writer did give some minimal facts about LeMahieu’s career and government experiences that gave us a hint at his qualifications that possibly makes him a worthy candidate to oppose Martha Laning. I do look forward to learning more about him and Laning as the campaign moves forward. But I do have concerns about LeMahieu when I’ve read about many Republican operatives saying that he is a candidate that will fill Sen. Leibham’s shoes!? Here is why I am concerned and why the writer’s description of a “strong tradition of representation and leadership Senators Grothman and Leibham have provided for this area” is a fallacy… Joe Leibham is a nice guy but my many contacts with him through email contacts, personal interactions, many hours of watching him live on WisconsinEye, and his record shows that he has truly become a classic career politician who did not represent ALL of his constituents. Will LeMahieu do the same??? Joe gave the appearance of representing ALL of his constituents through his listening sessions and communications with district residents, but once in Madison he succumbed to the pressure of leadership and the influences of special interest groups like ALEC. Will the same happen to LeMahieu? Examples of Joe’s lack of representing ALL of his constituents are many. Let me start with how he participated in fiscal extremism when dealing with the 2010 structural deficit. This deficit mainly resulted from the global recession that caused deep financial problems for all governments. Joe fully participated in the divisive Walkeresque “divide and conquer” governance strategy that focused on destroying political foes instead of doing what is right for Wisconsin and using a reasonable approach to dealing with the financial challenges facing our state at that time. Instead Joe helped to demonize public employees, who are a large segment of his constituency, and voted for massive cuts in preK-12/UW/Technical school funding along with inadequate funding for our local units of government. After making those deep cuts and giving big tax breaks to the wealthy including businesses and corporations, Joe participated in the Walkeresque double-talk about “responsible budgeting” and “deficits to surplus” that was actually done on the backs of workers, students, families, and local units of government who made the real sacrifices without any thanks from our leaders. Does LeMahieu support this style of governance??? The “deforms” enacted and supported by Joe stressed a fragile Wisconsin economy resulting in our state not fully participating in the nation’s economic recovery. We even continue to be near the bottom in our economic recovery efforts when compared to neighboring states. Does LeMahieu support those same “deforms???” Joe participated in the passage of so much flawed legislation that ended up being challenged in the courts. Besides spending millions of taxpayer money to implement the legislation (after he and Walker said Wisconsin was broke), millions has been spent defending the flawed legislation in the courts. Does LeMahieu support these flawed laws??? Redistricting is one example. Joe signed on to a secrecy agreement during the time redistricting was being considered. Instead of the public having knowledge of the process of redistricting, high priced lawyers worked secretly with Republicans to gerrymander a redistricting plan that ended up in the courts. After being fixed by the courts, it was implemented, but the public continues to favor a better system for redistricting that Joe and his colleagues continue to ignore…again he did not represent ALL of his constituents. Does LeMahieu support this flawed redistricting process or does he favor looking at a non-partisan redistricting plan??? Women’s issues, issues to protect consumer rights, election and voter suppression issues, and so many other issues that resulted in flawed laws, supported by Joe, are evidence of a legislator who truly did not represent ALL of his constituents. Will LeMahieu be the same kind of senator??? Joe Liebham fully participated in the Walkeresque “deformed” approach to dealing with issues. The extreme partisanship has so polarized our state and it was far from a “strong tradition of representation and leadership!” Will LeMahieu help to temper that extreme partisanship and help move our state forward by working together??? Wisconsin citizens should have serious concerns about any candidate who “will fill Sen. Leibham’s shoes” or who will “will continue the strong tradition of representation and leadership Senators Grothman and Leibham have provided for this area.” We need a “new direction” if Wisconsin is truly going to move forward with REAL representation and leadership! It looks to me as if LeMahieu may not fit the bill...Martha Laning will.
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