DNR gives Waldo time to upgrade dam

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

WALDO—The village of Waldo will have to upgrade its dam, but it will have ten years to do so.

Village President Dan Schneider gave this news at the village board’s October meeting on Monday.

About a year ago, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) ordered a failure analysis of the Onion River Dam. This was conducted by Ayres and Associates. The report came back, classifying the dam as a “significant risk.”

Ellen B. Faulkner, PE, of Ayres and Associates, appeared at the September board meeting to explain how the “significant risk” rating was reached, and what options the village had to meet the DNR’s requirements to bring the dam into the range of “low risk.” She told the board at that time, “Comparable projects we have done have been in the $200,000 to $400,000 range.”

Faulkner also told the board at its September meeting that “about two and a half houses” would be affected in a “100-year flood” scenario.

At the Monday meeting, Schneider told the rest of the board, “I had a discussion last week with Bill Sturtevant of the DNR, talking about the report that was generated by Ayres and Associates. The long and short of it is, we will need to do some modifi- cation at the dam. It is very longterm. He would give us about ten years to be compliant.”

One option, Schneider said, would be to “increase the spillway by 500 cubic feet—per minute, I believe it was. The easiest route that he saw us doing that, was putting in a secondary spillway. Instead of raising the banks, we’d be lowering the bank in a specific area, and creating a secondary spillway to the river. That’s the easiest, quickest method of a change, physically, at the dam.”

Another option was to reduce the effect at the two residences downstream that would be affected by a 100-year flood. Schneider said he didn’t think that would be as easy as increasing the spillway. “It’s something to be looked at,” he said. “To me, that’s a little fuzzier question,” he said, because it involved moving a lot of earth to change the grade adjacent to those homes.

Schneider told the board that, in his conversation with Sturtevant at the DNR, he wanted to be sure of the time frame the village had in responding to the report on the dam, once it is submitted to the DNR in December. “He thought ten years would be the schedule that we would be on, for that project,” Schneider told the board.

Hunters Grove paving

“We have extended [Bill] Haas’ developer’s agreement for twelve months,” Schneider said.

Rather than paving the rest of Hunters Grove, the village first will allow the developer to install water and sewage. The village had the choice of paving it now, but Haas had said he’d like to create a nearby development, which would make it necessary to tear up the new paving and then install the water and sewage.

The question the board had at its September meeting was whether Haas was seriously committed to such development. Haas has since paid fees the village requested to show the level of his commitment, so the village has extended the developer’s agreement for a year.

Other village business

During the public comment, resident Chuck McCoy drew the attention of the board to the efforts of the Waldo Pond Improvement

Association, which include monitoring fish populations. The association would be interested in acquiring more members and volunteers. McCoy said the association has also been collecting old photos of Waldo. Anyone having such photos to share, or with any other interest in the Waldo Pond Improvement Association, can contact McCoy at chuck.mccoy27@yahoo.com or 920-528-3040.

The board unanimously approved resident Cheryl Steuerwald to receive training and become an additional poll worker for the village.

Police report: In Waldo the past month, there were three warnings, two complaints investigated, six property checks, for a total of ten hours and 58 miles. The two complaints were a theft, and the failure to remove a door from a refrigerator.

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