The signs are getting better for local economy

THE ECONOMIC SIGNS CONTINUE to be good for the city of Plymouth and the surrounding area.

At their last meeting, the Plan Commission approved four different industrial and commercial projects – two new industrial buildings, one industrial expansion and one commercial renovation of a long-vacant commercial property.

That’s more new projects than the commission has dealt with in one meeting in a long, long time, and is another indicator that the local economy continues to rebound.

Two of the projects approved by the commission are new warehouse/ trucking facilities on or near County PP and the southeast industrial park.

That’s good news for the city and area taxpayers, as they will add to the economic base in the city’s tax incremental finance district and help generate more tax revenue in the coming years to pay off debt incurred in developing the district that much faster.

When that debt is paid off, the property value increases within the district will then go toward the general tax revenue, which should help ease the tax burden for all taxpayers throughout the city, county and school district.

We can see another sign on the pages of The Review, in the classified advertisements, where help wanted and job opening advertising has increased dramatically over the past several months. Aside from the good news that means for us when we sell more advertising, it shows that area companies and businesses are in more of a hiring mood than they have been for a long, long time.

As with anything related to the economy, there is no one cause that can be pointed to or cited for the economic recovery. Locally, nationally and globally, the economy is a complex mechanism with multiple influences and impacts, subject to regular cycles and any number of factors.

And as with any economic recovery, its impact can vary greatly from locale to locale and from individual to individual. Some places may soar while others still lag behind, and some people may be reaping great benefits from the recovery while others are still struggling to catch up or keep up.

As always, much of the impetus for growth and development in the Plymouth area comes from the vibrant local cheese industry – which is the reason for the two new industrial projects approved by the Plan Commission earlier this month.

As long as people keep eating cheese, it seems, Plymouth will continue to do well.

The bottom line is that things are getting better here, after a long struggle, and that is always welcome news.

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Strong and getting stronger

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