Marriage Licenses

The following couples applied for a marriage license at the Sheboygan County Courthouse.

Oct. 4 – Christine Young and Andres Gamez, city of Woodstock; Allison Crouch and David Simon, city of Chicago

Oct. 11 – MaryBeth Begalke and Stephen Bongard, city of Sheboygan; Kimberly Cornelius and James Feider, city of Sheboygan

Oct. 13 – Ann Mitchell and Joy Fessler, city of Plymouth

Oct. 17 – Ever Lasting Love and Antonio Courtland, city of Sheboygan; Jessica Passa and John Anhalt, city of Sheboygan; Laquisha Smith and Evan Martinez, city of Sheboygan

Oct. 18 – Ashley Paulson and Thomas Mervar, town of Sheboygan; Brianna Coenen and Kyle Pennell, city of Sheboygan; Sandra Hernandez and Jermie Nelson, city of Sheboygan; Lynne Miller and David Dobbe, city of Sheboygan Falls; Stephanie Cisler and Christopher Tucker, city of Sheboygan; Morgan Rood and Shaun Brill, village of Oostburg; Brenda Lutzke and Joshua Bintzler, city of Sheboygan; Cassandra McKinster and Aaron Petermann, city of Sheboygan

Oct. 24 – Nicole Vanselow and Michael Zastrow, city of Plymouth; Sasha Srock and Brandon Simmons, city of Sheboygan; Courtney Jackson and Tyler Schickert, city of Sheboygan; Musette Cervantes and Marco Solano, city of Sheboygan

Oct. 25 – Lisa Schroeder, city of Sheboygan, and Jeffrey Bloemers, town of Wilson; Courtney Lilge and Trevor Sullivan, city of Sheboygan; Jerusha Frazier and Jeremy Reilly, city of Plymouth; Cree Hanson and Brandon Lesar, village of Oostburg; Judine Duerwaechter and John Westfall, city of Sheboygan; Kristine Raeder, city of Sheboygan Falls, and Peter Worth, city of Sheboygan; Kelly Sereiko and Robby Rooyen, city of Chicago

Oct. 31 – Jodi Konz and Steven Tracy, city of Plymouth; Leah Virsnieks and Dewayne Wilson, town of Sheboygan; Tracy Schneider and Thomas Wittliff, village of Waldo; Ariel Erdmann and Andrew Pettit, city of Sheboygan; Louisa Thurs and Dustin Neese, city of Sheboygan

Nov. 1 – Laura Miller and Kevin Donnelly, city of Sheboygan; Cheryl Perronne and Dale Crowder Jr., city of Muncie

Nov. 7 – Sara Nunnally and Jennifer Digate, town of Scott

Nov. 8 – Erica Barts and Eric Breunig, town of Wilson; Amanda Sandberg and James Fouts, city of Sheboygan Falls; Angela Fischer, city of Plymouth, and Patrick Doell, town of Montpelier; Kerri Widra and Andrew Seipel, city of Sheboygan

Nov. 14 – Melissa Rosenberg and Timothy Koscal, city of Sheboygan

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