To the Editor,

In this and all election cycles it is so important to ignore what is said and check what has actually been done.

Scott Walker, Glenn Grothman and Devin LeMahieu tell us how they support a strong public education system, then slash the funding (in LeMahieu’s case, he supports the slashing in his campaign comments). Additionally, the technical college’s state funding was cut by 30%. Then when the need for job training was pointed out, they wanted credit for restoring a small part of the cut. Support public education? Really?

The mainstream media use the terms “extreme” and “bizarre” in describing Grothman’s ideas. LeMahieu maintains total support and adoration for Walker’s policies when even Walker admits things could have been handled better.

Far right ideology, no tax increases under any circumstances, should not be the lone standards that drive all decision making. But we have alternatives to their “divide and conquer” philosophy of governing.

Government should be a study in balance, matching resources with needed services.

Mary Burke, Mark Harris and Martha Laning all offer a refreshing change from the rigid stance of their opponents.

Each of them is a fiscallyresponsible candidate, even though their opposition con- stantly paints them with the tired, old (and untrue) “tax and spend” label.

Burke has real world business experience and success - unlike career politician Walker whose administration has been plagued with questions of ethics and legality.

Harris is a thoughtful, intelligent moderate who has consistently led Winnebago County where he has reduced spending and debt.

Laning is a true breath of fresh air on the political scene. She’s an intelligent, educated family woman with business and non-profit experience and personality plus.

Please join in voting for a change in the hyper-partisan atmosphere in Wisconsin.

Bob Jome

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