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To the Editor,

In the October 21 edition of The Review, Deb Klock twists my words into something that was not said or even implied. But, this is the standard of the liberal establishment as they circle the wagons to protect their turf in this election year. This is what Democrats do when they have no ideas that make any sense to the electorate. Look back to the last presidential election and you will see that President Obama won by demonizing Mitt Romney not by promoting his own true beliefs. Chicago politics depicted Romney as hating women, blacks, and Hispanics; and Vice Presidential candidate Ryan pushing granny over a cliff.

Generally, the Democrats are unwilling to engage in any serious discussion of the issues. Indeed, Mary Burke is making up statistics as she goes knowing that if she repeats them often enough, some voters will actually believe the lies. She is also relying on the incessant hate rants of Democrat leaders against Governor Walker to disguise her lack of administrative capability.

In the 9th Senate district the Democrats have taken an honorable record of Devin Le- Mahieu and distorted it beyond anything that resembles what Devin actually did there. If you believe everything that you read in the flyers promoting Martha Laning, you would come away thinking that Devin wants to keep our children uneducated and create death panels for the elderly. Why doesn,t she say what she would have done in place of Walker’s Act 10 instead of demonizing Devin?

Before you believe what Deb Klock says about my letter, first remember that virtually everything that is written by Democrats in the heat of a political race is slanted and sometimes downright untrue. Don’t rely Ms. Klock to interpret what I actually wrote. Look for yourself.

Dennis Gasper
Vice Chair, Sheboygan County
Republican Party

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