Be a proud Badger Tuesday

Jim Baumgart  Sheboygan County Supervisor

It should be no surprise, Wisconsin’s general election will take place Tuesday, Nov. 4th. If you were surprised, you where likely out of touch hiking in the Canadian back country the last six months, just returning from two years of service in the Peace Corps, serving in our country’s Armed Forces overseas, or lucky enough to have been on an extended stay on a warm Caribbean island.

And, after seeing the wild spending back home for political mailings, tv & radio ads, and excessively huge lawn signs, temptation might be to return from where you came.

This column is the sixth in a series published prior to the election in which the upcoming election was discussed, its importance, voting places, requirements, absentee voting and more.

If you are like many voters, you may have been too busy to pay much attention to the election until the last week or so. And, now you may be feeling overwhelmed by the candidates and their advertising, or worse, by special interest groups that are trying to get you to vote for, against or not even voting at all.

The number of political ads can be a little hard to swallow at times but it should make it even more determined for you, your family and friends to understand the basic issues of the candidates running and vote. .

To get a feel for the candidates running for statewide or Congressional offices quickly and fairly, their background and skills, I would suggest reading the reviews of the editorial staff of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

While I don’t always agree with the editorial staff reports, they tend to do a good job. But, be careful of the different columnists who write regularly in those papers. They often have their own special interests they are promoting. Stick to the paper’s editorial sections.

Locally, area papers will cover the candidates and will promote forums to allow the candidates to present their views. That’s very helpful if the voters get a chance to see the debates (often few show up) or take time to watch (these are often recorded for later review on cable or other telecast after the original debate).

The major races in our area include: Governor & other statewide offices, 6th District - United States Congress, state Senate, and Assembly.

One of the problems of local news, sometimes, when it is clear a candidate may have some issues or is evasive to a fault, they tend not to have time to hold these candidates fully accountable.

Local letters to the editor can also be helpful. Especially if it is from someone you know and respect.

Be careful of the angry letters that clearly try to insult the reader or the mail ads that make an opponent physically look poorly. That is certainly negative advertising.

Although the election will soon be here, if you have a chance, visit the candidates at an upcoming event. Whatever you do, try to become more fully informed.

If you don’t know where your voting location is, please call your town, village, city or county clerk. They will give you the right information.

Not registered to vote? You can do it at the polls (although it is always good to do that earlier); you will need to show proof that you have lived in the district for at least the last 28 days - something like electric, cable tv, or gas bill with your name and address will likely be enough.

You will not need a photo I.D.

It is thought that if most people would vote, elected official would need to pay more attention to their concerns.

You deserve the elected offi- cials you want, not just those who spend the most but those who you feel can make a difference, bring people together, and get things done.

Who are those people? That is for you to decide. After all, this is your county and your Wisconsin.

Be a proud Badger, study the candidates as best you can and vote on Tuesday, November 4th.

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