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To the Editor,

There will be two referendum questions on the ballot at the election on Nov 4, 2014. The referendum concerns the appointing of the Town Clerk and the Town Treasurer by the Town Board rather than electing them by the voters as we do now. . A YES vote on either question will mean these positions will be filled as of next April by the Town Board of 5 not by the voters of the township.. The majority of clerk and treasurer positions in the State of Wisconsin are elected not appointed.

This proposal was brought up at the Annual Town Meeting and overwhelming voted down by the large number of residents that attended. The board ignored this and went forward on this issue. The referendum was discussed at a monthly meeting and a Public Hearing was held but the Board has done nothing else to inform the voters of this coming referendum. Since very few people come to the meeting anymore very few people know about this proposed change.

If this is voted in, we the residents of the town of Mitchell, will lose our right to elect two key officials in the town. Do you want 5 people to take away your right to vote for your representatives in the town?

Over the last 6 years we have seen members of this town Board try to consolidate more power to the board. For instance they increased the size of the board to 5 members so board members can speak to each other outside of the meetings. They have long lengthy discussions on items at meetings because many are never prepared on the topics and find it hard to make decisions! They continue month after month to post agendas that are not complete and thus violate the Open Meetings Laws.

We are seeing more and more control being exerted by certain members on this Board, while the Chairman sits there and acts like he does not know what is going on. It is ironic that certain members of the current board ran against the Old 3 Man Board and accused them of doing things they never did and then do those things themselves. This includes discussing issues amongst themselves outside of meetings. This constitutes a rolling meeting which is also a violation of the Open Meetings Law.

Vote NO on this referendum, and start coming to meetings. The Town of Mitchell is headed in the wrong direction and it appears a majority of the Board fails to notice.

Lynn Beckford

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