It was simply a Marvel-ous Halloween at our house

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

We wound up with two Captain America’s at our house Sunday – and an Iron Man to boot.

Of course, we had hundreds of costumed characters at our house Sunday, but the aforementioned three were the most important ones.

I’m speaking about our three grandsons – Ty, Nolan and Aiden – who were among the hordes of trick-or-treaters who descended on our house.

Aiden and Nolan duplicated each other, both choosing to be Captain America, while Ty had Iron Man all to himself – being the oldest of the three, he got to have his own separate identity, apparently.

Even for somebody who wasn’t one of their grandparents, it was easy to tell Nolan and Aiden apart even if they were the same character.

Nolan had the shield to go along with his costume – his parents were able to find one in the store while Aiden’s parents apparently got to the store after they were sold out of Captain America shields, but not costumes.

I would have thought that it was a package deal, that the shield came with the costume, but apparently not wherever Alex and Julia bought their son’s Halloween costume.

There was another distinction between the two – Aiden’s costume came with padding in the shirt to recreate Captain America’s singular musculature, while Nolan’s did not.

There was enough padding in Aiden’s costume that it looked like he had, not a six-pack, but a 12-pack or even a case.

When he first tried it on for his mother, he proudly told her, “Look at my abs – and my boobies!”

When she regained her composure, Julia pointed out to Aiden that boys don’t have boobies – fortunately, I wasn’t around at the time or she might have made an exception for old men – but pecs.

Aiden learned quickly, as he pointed out his impressive abs and pecs for me when he arrived at our house for trick-or-treating.

He was apparently quite proud of them, as a matter of fact, as he pointed out his fantastic abs and pecs for several people while making his trick-or-treating rounds.

He must have thought he’d get extra treats from people who were in awe of his tremendous fake musculature, but unfortunately for him it didn’t work that way.

I got to take him around our neighborhood trick-or-treating while Julia stayed at our house handing out candy – she’ll get her chance later this week when their hometown does trick-ortreating on the traditional Halloween day.

Unfortunately, Terry had to miss her favorite day of the year because she had to work – and our neighbors missed it as well.

That’s because, in years past, she has set up the bar on the front porch and made the rounds of the neighborhood delivering drinks for the adults – in costume, no less.

It was doubly disappointing for her since Sunday was her birthday as well.

And it won’t happen again that trick-or-treating and her birthday both fall on the same day until she hits rdher 73 birthday – by which time all of her grandsons will be well past trick-or-treating age.

Maybe she’ll like it better that way, since she’ll have a number of years where she can have two separate celebrations instead of two on the same day.

After we’d filled Aiden’s goodie bag, we headed back to the house and he helped his mother pass out candy while I went off to take some pictures.

It was shortly after I left that Aiden’s cousins finally showed up at the house.

They’d been out trick-ortreating in another part of the city with a few of their friends, but they still had time – and energy – to visit a few nearby houses with Aiden that he hadn’t hit with Poppie.

After that, they all returned to the house for another time-honored Halloween tradition – the big candy trade.

It meant Aiden and Nolan both dumped out the contents of their bags and proceeded to figure what each one of them didn’t want that the other might, and vice versa, and whether they would make a suitable and equally satisfying trade.

And no, I didn’t try to distract them and swipe some of their candy while they weren’t looking – we had enough of what we had been giving away to keep me happy.

And besides, I didn’t want to risk an attack from not one, but two Captain Americas.

I don’t think I could have stood up to all of those abs and pecs.

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