Jack Lutz

To the Editor,

I was shocked and greatly saddened this past weekend upon reading of the death of Jack Lutz. It just didn’t seem possible that this whirlwind of energy and creativity could be only 79 at the end of his most remarkable life.

I saw Jack weekly for almost 15 years while working at The Review. He was simply the most interesting, energetic, creative, brilliant and unique individual I have ever met.

You could talk (and learn from) him about almost any topic. The Bible, world history, Switzerland, architecture, landscaping, current affairs, popes of the Middle Ages--it seemed there wasn’t anything Jack couldn’t intelligently discuss. What I often wondered was how he had the time to read so much with everything else he was able to accomplish in a week. He must have had a photographic memory.

The house he personally designed and built in the southwest corner of the county will stand as a tribute to the genius of this most unique man. Upon my first visit there in the mid-90’s, he explained how he had walked the property for years before deciding on the position and placement of the home for its maximum energysaving advantage to take in passive solar in relation to the trees on the grounds.

The most unusual features of the home were practical, one-of-a-kind, charming and of course, his own. My dream had been for Jack, in his 90’s, to build our “western home” in the low mountains of Arizona.

Unfortunately, cancer undetected overcame even the great energy and passion of this most remarkable man. If his death can in anyway serve as something positive, let it be for anyone who reads this who is over the age of 50 and has not as yet had a colonoscopy, to make an appointment now. Colon cancer will needlessly kill one in twenty of us, because if it is detected early on, it can be defeated.

It is painless, easy and requires a checkup only every 3-10 years, depending on what the doctor might find.

My thoughts and prayers are with the love of Jack’s life, Lynn and all of the Lutz family.

Steve Shaver
Farmington, MN

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