Citizens sound off on Lions Beer Garden

At the Sept. 30 Sheboygan Falls Plan Commission meeting, the Sheboygan Falls Lions Club unveiled plans to construct a German-American Museum, Beer and Brat Garden based on the history of the Green Bay Trail, which linked Chicago and Green Bay in the mid-1800s.

The facility is tentatively set to be built along Broadway Street at the site of the house formerly owned by Goldie Lorge adjacent to Settlers Park.

The Lions Club has announced its intentions to build the facility through community fundraising efforts, while also donating a portion of income from the facility to the city of Sheboygan Falls parks fund.

In addition, the Lions Club is aiming to have an as-yet unnamed outside party run the facility, which would operate on a seasonal basis with limited hours.

The Lions Club has recently a concept plan for the site and is currently working on finalizing a site plan to submit to the Sheboygan Falls Plan Commission and Common Council for further review.

Last week citizens were invited to offer their thoughts on the proposed plan on the Sheboygan Falls News Facebook page.

The post received 4,444 views, 63 likes, 50 comments and five shares. A sampling of the comments is listed as follows.

A beer garden but not a new middle school? I can’t support it.

Bobbie Norlander

I think this would be wonderful. If Falls did more things like this, it would easier to get that middle school in the long run.

Jay Keller

On the surface, it sounds like an interesting idea. How many other German-American museums already exist in the USA? A cursory Google search turns up a half dozen. What would make this one different enough to draw visitors from across the state or even better from out of the state?

Fred Beisser

type of project that should be done by a Lion’s Club. Is the entire Lion’s club on board with this project instead of something more valuable to the community like a park?

Steve Johnson

I love the idea. Sheboygan County has a strong German heritage and there are no other German museums in our county at this time. I think this could be a driver to get more people to downtown Sheboygan Falls, locals and tourists. The more people, the more money spent, the more thriving small businesses... win win.

Maureen Anderson

It’s the Lions Club money, not the taxpayers’ money. The Lions Club does not tell you how to spend your money, why tell them what they should do with their money? If they feel they can make more money, which is donated right back into our community, I say let them do it.

Kevin Humphrey

This would be seriously a great community benefit. I should help the entire community, provide jobs and add to the tax base. Jump on the Johnsonville brat wagon and they may provide some support for all the great advertising. Settlers Park is a beautiful park already in Falls, but I never see a lot of people there. I understand some may want a school, others a senior center, others a sporting center, etc. Ultimately, if you want it paid for, you need to help raise the interest and/or money.

Linda Kubitz

Let’s do it. I love Germany – history, museums and German beer. Sounds like fun.

Julie Lodde-Meyer

Considering this used to be a manufacturing area, now a park and a possible place to bring in revenue, I like it.

Dirk D. Huibregtse

I’m new to the area and I love the Falls, but I would like to see more small business owners with specialty shops and more towards holistic and health types since this is a fast upcoming lifestyle. An indoor farmers market would be a wonderful compliment to our summer markets. Give back to the community by supporting small businesses and keep our small-town feel.

Melody Kloska

As much as I would love a new middle school, that is not going to happen because we have the Municipal Building to pay for now thanks to our alderpeople. But if we can use a vacant property for a good thing that might bring in revenue for the city, it is a good thing.

Jennifer Klemme

This is too close to the residents. It should be placed downtown, not next to residential areas. Please be sure to sign the petition going around if you are against it. Doesn’t Falls already have enough bars? How bout something for kids?

Kelly Thill

Keep this area residential. It is right next to apartments and a busy street with a blind corner already. If they want to do this find an area where it is already commercial property and not neighbors to a family trying to raise kids. Plus what are they going to do when the river floods two or three times come spring? Based on the image, the entire yard area will be under water.

Nikky Corrigan

I live within a half block of the proposed beer garden site and I am against it going in that area. For one, that blind corner is treacherous already, and putting a beer garden there where drinking is involved could make it worse. Second, it takes some of the fascinating scenery we have at Settlers Park. People are constantly using that parking lot to venture down to the park to watch the falls, have a picnic, or just a steady stroll to enjoy the sight. I think the beer garden will make people stop enjoying what this park has to offer and find another area. This proposed beer garden should be placed in a commercial area, not in a residential area. Hats off to the Lions for trying to open up such a venue, but please find a different location.

Ryah Lee Grunewald

The American expectations, and fears, of a beer garden seems to be different than those in Germany. Here, usually those places are not loud at all, except you have a pack of tourists invading it and misbehaving.

Rolf Koerber
Meissen, Germany

If the location in Sheboygan Falls is not a good fit, Sheboygan has locations which would be great. Milwaukee and many communities are embracing the German beer garden concept to great success. A lot of business decisions need to be addressed first and proper location is key for success of a project like this. Maybe this location in Falls is not the only option. For this to be successful it needs community support.

Ryan Herber

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