Days Gone By The Falls: Thanksgiving 1958

FORMER SHEBOYGAN FALLS RESIDENT Marilyn Wirth moved into this home at 312 Western Ave. in Sheboygan Falls on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1958. - Submitted photo FORMER SHEBOYGAN FALLS RESIDENT Marilyn Wirth moved into this home at 312 Western Ave. in Sheboygan Falls on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1958. - Submitted photo Editor’s Note: The following is an essay of life in Sheboygan Falls during the late 1950s and early 1960s written by former Sheboygan Falls residents John and Marilyn Wirth. The Falls News invites readers to submit memories from days gone by in the city of Sheboygan Falls. Short essays recalling people, places and things from the past are welcome. Submissions can be sent to The Sheboygan Falls News; Attn: Jeff Pederson; 113 East Mill St.; Plymouth, WI 53073, or to

Thanksgiving this year falls on Nov. 27, as it did in 1958.

That was the day our family moved into the first home that we owned.

I was 12 years old, my brother David was 8, my sister Joan was 6 and my sister Rosemary was 2.

We were moving from a farm in rural Sheboygan Falls that we had rented for less than a year.

I was so excited to be moving into a house of our very own. We had rented mostly upstairs flats up until that time.

My brother, Joan, and I attended St. Mary’s School then and our dad took us to school and would pick us up after school each day.

That meant we had to wait quite a while in the morning for Mass and classes to begin and also in the afternoon until Dad arrived.

None of us liked that wait every day.

That Thanksgiving morning was cold and windy.

Our dad, with the help of several uncles ,moved our belongings in a pickup truck belonging to one of my uncles.

My mom, some aunts and I were in the house unpacking boxes and going about the chores of a moving day.

One load after the other on a blustery, cold day was moved into our new home.

Everything was finally unloaded late in the afternoon. Everyone was tired and very hungry.

What were we going to do about a Thanksgiving Day dinner? My dad decided to drive to Sheboygan to McDonald’s to bring a Thanksgiving feast home.

What a memorable dinner it was, especially for us kids.

McDonald’s was our favorite restaurant and to celebrate the holiday with hamburgers, French fries and Cokes was a delicious delight.

I shared a bedroom with my sister, Joan, and later when Rosemary outgrew the crib she also shared the bedroom.

My brother had his own room being the only boy.

The three bedrooms and the bathroom were upstairs and the upstairs was not heated, not even the bathroom.

That meant piles of quilts at night in the wintertime, and a mad dash downstairs in the morning to get dressed.

The furnace in the house was a pipeless model, and that meant the heat came through about a four foot by four foot grate in the dining room.

All of us would stand on the warm grate and quickly dress.

I lived in that home until my first year of teaching at St. Anne in 1966 when I boarded there with Claude and Rose Hoehl.

The following summer I married my husband John and we bought our first house at 62 Oak St. in Sheboygan Falls.

Last summer my sisters and I stopped and rapped on the door of the house we grew up in.

A young woman, her husband, and two little girls live there now.

They have done wonders with that house with siding, a new front porch, and many improvements inside and out.

It was so wonderful seeing a young family living in the house where we grew up.

I have many happy memories of that house at 312 Western Ave. and on this Thanksgiving I will give thanks for them, along with so many blessings through the years.

Marilyn (Verhage) Wirth

Formally of 312 Western Ave.,

Sheboygan Falls

Now residing in Largo, Florida

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