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To the Editor,

Mr. Gasper’s letter is just another example of the BIG MONEY funded lies, half-truths and misguided worship of Scott Walker and the Republican Legislature here in Wisconsin.

Yes, Mr. Gasper, why not get rid of the Prevailing Wage Law. Meanwhile, why not get rid of the minimum wage, Social Secu- rity, Medicaid, public education, postal workers, law enforcement, firefighters, public health workers, and on and on and on.

Oh, and why not make it harder for people to exercise their right to vote by requiring a special I.D. and eliminating voting hours.

Here’s another one, make sure those lazy poor people take a drug test before they can get any assistance.

According to Mr. Gasper, “ we must stop appeasing the greedy interests of the builders and their unions.” How about let’s stop appeasing the greedy interests of the Big CEO’s, their corporations and their off-shore accounts.

Let’s bring some of that Tax money back home, so that we are better able to pay for the services that we all use and deserve.

You are totally unrealistic assuming that your taxes are going to be lower and lower year after year. How can you keep cutting and cutting and expect any of our public services to perform properly?

I do not have a problem with my taxes going up a little to help provide my grandchildren with a good public education, and provide safety and help to our American community whenever we need it.

After all, taxes are just the price we all pay to live in a truly “civilized society”.

Mary Wilke

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