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To the Editor,

November 11th was Veterans’ Day and in remembrance the Plymouth Shamrock 4-H Club volunteered to help at the Camo Quilt project. The Plymouth Shamrocks 4-H Club helped The Camo Quilt Project of Plymouth on Saturday November 8th and November 15th, make quilts for active soldiers being sent overseas. Club members worked 3 hours on both Saturday mornings by sewing quilts, making cards and doing other things at the project.

The Plymouth Shamrock club had also challenged other 4-H clubs to collect items for the VA nursing home in Milwaukee. Several clubs including: and The Wilson Wildcats- Leaders-Mark and Kelley Breunig, The Happy Workers-leader Tina Kohlman , Willing Workers-Leader Ms. Laudolf and the Sheboygan Shooting Stars-leader-Shanon Schuren responded generously with items such as socks, shampoo, soaps, blankets, Kleenex, chapstick, calendars, note cards, scarves and Christmas wrap . The Wilson Wildcats decorated 12 large Kleenex boxes in a patriotic manner. The Mosel Farm 4-H Club donated six handmade cards,

The Plymouth Shamrock 4-H Club-Leader Kathy Doebert made another 100 cards to put with the quilts being sent to soldiers and the Plymouth Shamrock Club also made 60 fleece scarves for the VA nursing home residents and generously donated small gifts for the veterans.

The men and women who are at the VA hospital have sacrificed a lot for the people of this country. Some have lost limbs or are suffering from other injuries. Veterans suffer from emotional trauma as well as physical injuries.

The question I have for you is how much are you willing to sacrifice? Soldiers’ families have sacrificed spouses, parents, siblings, and family friends. Can you sacrifice the time to thank a veteran for their service to our country? Send a card to a veteran to thank them? Donate a gift for a soldier at the VA? Spend a bit of time helping one of the veteran organizations?

Look at what the soldiers have had to do for the country and its citizens and the price they have paid, then ask yourself, “what can I do to let these veterans know that what they have done is truly appreciated.”

Hopefully, as the holidays approach and throughout the upcoming year you can take a few moments to do something to thank America’s veterans for the sacrifices they made.

If any one wishes to make contributions you can contact your local VA or local American Legion. Plymouth donations can be made to the Cam Quilt Project or contact Kathy Doebert Happy Holidays to all.

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