Cascade park expansion in future?

by Rodney Schroeter of The Review staff

CASCADE—Cascade Memorial Park might be expanded in the near future.

Village President David Jaeckels told the Village Board Tuesday that land adjacent to the park is up for sale. He said the village has the opportunity to purchase a parcel of approximately five acres, and asked the board if there would be any interest.

“If there’s an opportunity to buy it, we’d be foolish not to address it,” Trustee Gerald Hendrickson said. Other board members agreed.

It was asked if grants were available to help with the purchase. Trustee Jason Harrison said he would look into that.

“This land might not get developed in our lifetime,” Jaeckels said. “But the one thing that my dad and previous boards always said is that you don’t look just at now. You look to the future. And they did that for us. I think we ought to do the same.”

The board voted unanimously to allow Jaeckels to look into this opportunity and possibly negotiate with the landowner. Any future decision on purchasing or not would have to be brought back to the board for approval.

Other village news

The board unanimously passed a resolution which amended the budget. Income from selling the village’s old truck, chipper, and tractor was greater than expected, so the budget’s contingency fund was reduced by $40,000.

There will be a conditional use hearing at a planning meeting Thursday, Dec. 18 at 6 p.m.

Extension of the yellow noparking line on the curb at the corner of Clark Street and State 28 was discussed. Hendrickson suggested discussing that intersection at the Dec. 18 planning meeting.

Jaeckels said there should be consistency. He said there are several village streets intersecting with State 28. If the yellow line is extended at Clark Street, he asked, why shouldn’t it also be extended at other intersections?

Christmas lights that the village hasn’t used in years were sold through the online auction site, Wisconsin Surplus, for $655.02.

At the November board meeting, it was mentioned that, while discussing a firearms discharge within the village, Capt. Corey Roessler of the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department said he believed the village’s ordinance forbid use of a bow and arrow within the village. At the November meeting, Jaeckels asked board members to review the ordinance.

Board members reported finding no such prohibition after reviewing the ordinance. Jaeckels will communicate that fact to Capt. Roessler.

There was one building permit issued in November.

The board unanimously approved a renewal of the village’s application for the Safe Drinking Water Funding, related to well number 2.

Police report for Cascade: Two citations, totaling $220.50; fifteen warnings (twelve of them for winter parking violations); eight complaints investigated; eight property checks. The complaints consisted of two winter parking violations; a gas leak; shooting a firearm within the village limits; a background check; two attempts to locate for wanted parties; and a disabled vehicle.

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