Plymouth district ahead of academic pillar goals

Dave Cary
Review Correspondent

PLYMOUTH — Assistant Superintendent Dan Mella updated the Plymouth School Board on progress made in the last year in the “Academic Excellence” portion (“pillar”) of the district leadership team’s overall plan for the district.

As the name implies, the academic excellence pillar involves things directly related to formal learning, and this pillar is divided into three main headings, or things to be done.

In the first - moving things toward a future state where all students will be prepared to enter post high school education equipped to find personal success - Mella said progress had exceeded expectations where the ag and food science program was concerned, in both facility and curriculum development. A good example, he said, was the arrangement where PHS will work with Marian College in developing food science curriculum.

In the district-wide program to improve writing skills, Mella said progress in implementing various things was much farther along than had been previously foreseen and the same was true of the focus on expanding the role of special education teachers to include differentiation expertise, which is expected to facilitate more inclusion in the future.

As to career planning, Mella said that last year PHS had had about 300 students registered in the “Inspire” program, with some 20 “career coaches;” this year, he said virtually every student is registered.

Mella said this pillar has also seen signifi cant progress the last year in working to make the district attractive to higher-qualifi ed teachers.

Along these lines, Board member Richby ard York said he had had a recent conversation with a faculty member new to Plymouth but who had worked 12 years elsewhere. York said he had asked a ‘When you think of coming here, what difference do you see’ type of question.

The reply, he said, was that the things done and offered for professional development and growth were outstanding as was the amount of support teachers here receive.

• • •

After waiving the new proposed Continuing Disclosure Compliance policy’s second reading, the board adopted it. This policy will guide the board’s participation in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Municipalities and Continuing Disclosure initiative, and is intended to assure that fi- nancial reporting done by the district will be both accurate and timely. It also designated District Business Manager Jon Miller as being in charge of the policy’s implementation.

• • •

The board accepted three gifts, all designated for student transportation:

• $515.85 from the Parkview PTK organization.

• $251.58 from the Horizon PATH organization.

• $166.53 from the Fairview PTO organization.

• • •

In personnel matters:

• Patty Dellger has been hired as a secretary at Riverview Middle School.

• Mary Jane Tauscheck has resigned from the Foodservice department at Horizon Elementary School.

• Lori Calhoun has resignbed from the foodservice department at Plymouth High School.

• Patti Reischl has resigned from her custodial position at Riverview Middle School.

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