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CATHERINE Q. DELAHUNT CATHERINE Q. DELAHUNT Judge Catherine Q. Delahunt, the current multi-jurisdictional municipal judge for the city of Sheboygan and village of Kohler, has announced that she will be a candidate for the Sheboygan County Circuit Court Branch 4.

Delahunt is running for the judgeship currently held by Judge Terrence T. Bourke, who has filed his notification of non-candidacy. Delahunt has been approved by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board for placement on the ballot for the 2015 spring election.

Delahunt said she is running because she has the background and a proven sense of justice that makes her qualified for the position. “I have the experience, integrity and temperament to be an effective circuit court judge,” Delahunt said. “I’m running because I love this community and I am committed to justice for all Sheboygan County citizens.

“Anyone who knows my record as Municipal Court Judge knows that I hold people accountable for their actions in our community,” she said. “After presiding over thousands of cases for the past eight years, I know that when people are held accountable, they willingly change to conform their behavior to the expectations of the community. I am deliberate and decisive in my rulings and am committed to equal justice under the law.”

Delahunt also announced that she will not seek reelection to her position as municipal court judge.

Delahunt has been endorsed by over 200 citizens and continues to receive endorsements daily. To ensure the integrity and independence of the judiciary and to abide by Supreme Court Rules 6.02, 6.03, and 6.06, Delahunt will not accept endorsement from law enforcement personnel or lawyers who regularly appear before the Circuit Court. Delahunt is committed to making sure that those who appear before the court believe the judge is impartial and has avoided all appearance of impropriety. “It is difficult for a person involved in a legal proceeding to believe they will receive justice if the opposing side endorsed or contributed financially to the election of the judge.”

In addition to her duties as municipal judge, Delahunt is the principal of Delahunt Law Offices in Kohler. She received her law license in 1986 and has experience practicing in Wisconsin and Illinois State Municipal, Circuit, Appellate, and Supreme Courts, as well as Federal Courts. She began her law practice as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County Illinois, and then practiced with the Milwaukee law firms of Crivello Carlson; and Gonzalez, Saggio and Harlan. Delahunt was appointed judge in 2006 by the city of Sheboygan and village of Kohler, at which time she established all policies and procedures for the Sheboygan/Kohler Municipal Court; she has earned re-election three times.

Delahunt enjoys being active in the community as a volunteer for numerous organizations and serves as the President Elect of the Sheboygan Downtown Rotary Club; Vice-President/Trustee of Maywood Environmental Park; Pastoral Council/Finance committee member of Holy Name and St. Clement Parishes; past Secretary/ Treasurer of the Sheboygan County Bar Association; and a National Ski Patroller and Outdoor Emergency Care Technician for Heiliger Huegel ski hill. She is a member of the Wisconsin Municipal Judges Association; the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee; the Ozaukee County Bar Association; the Association for Women Lawyers; and Women in Management, Sheboygan Chapter.

She is married to Kevin Delahunt and has five children. “I have deep roots in this community,” Delahunt said. “My husband and I chose to raise our family here, and I am committed to justice for everyone in Sheboygan County.”

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Unfortunately Ms. Delahunt's
Submitted by (not verified) on Mon, 2015-01-12 09:51.
Unfortunately Ms. Delahunt's statement " abide by Supreme Court Rules 6.02, 6.03, and 6.06, Delahunt will not accept endorsement from law enforcement personnel or lawyers who regularly appear before the Circuit Court" is a complete distortion of the law. First, such Supreme Court Rule does not exists. Secondly, Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 60.06(5) specifically states "A judge, candidate for judicial office, or his or her committee is NOT prohibited from soliciting and accepting endorsements from lawyers and others." To me, anyone who does not seek the endorsement of their own peers or states that they will not is simply afraid of the response. It is my understanding that the legal community (police officers, judges, attorneys, counselors, etc) in Sheboygan County is overwhelmingly endorsing Rebecca Persick for Judge over Ms. Delahunt and Mathew Mooney.
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